Chamilia Charm Bracelets


Look what I just ordered today!!

I can’t wait to get it! Mine will have my kids, mine, and hubbys birthstones on it, along with Mickey and Minnie and some spacers. I want to add tinkerbell later.

Aren’t they cute?!?


I love it! They are beautiful, I may have to think about one of these.


where did you buy it? can I ask how much? there were not any prices on the sight. Are those the bracelets that you put together yourself or does it come like that? Can you buy it from that sight? Please tell us more.


I saw them when we went on a weekend trip to Palestine Texas about two weeks ago. I wished I had bought them while we were there, but I didn’t know if I wanted to spend that much money.

The lobster clasp braclet (7 1/2") was $20, Mickey was $19, Minnie was $19. I got two locks at $16 each, a spacer that was $7. The birthstones were the most expensive. They were $33 each (I got 4) (they are like number i-25. Go to “catalog” and then “birthstones” and then on page 5 are the kind I ordered.) That all totaled with tax and shipping $225. Most we’ve EVER spent on any jewelery other than my wedding ring, so to justify it I told my hubby and the kids that this would be mothers day gift this year!!

If you need a phone number of a store to call, I can give you the one I used, but you can locate a store near you by clicking “store locator” on their website.


Ahhhhh! I WANT ONE!!

Mother’s Day IS coming up…

Thanks for the info. :flowers:


it looks like alot of the gift shops sell those, and there is one right across the street from me that is going out of business and everything is half off, I am going to check it out and see if they have them, I will let you know. If they have a tinkerbell I’ll ask if they can ship it.


Thanks for checking, PM me if they have one…it will have to the sterling tinkerbell, since I’m allergic to gold.



That is an amazing bracelet. I love it. I think I’ll put one together. I love the one in the big photo just like that. Thanks for the link.


Very cute! I don’t wear bracelets and it still makes me want one!


You can make them in to a necklace, too!


If only it weren’t a combination of gold/white gold… I’d be on it. Nice though.


You pick whatever charms you want. I got all silver (can’t wear gold)…there are hundreds of beads on their website to choose from, and they just added the Disney collection.


They’re very pretty!


Very cute!!!