Chances of getting into 1900 Park Fair w/o ADR?


I didn’t have my thinking cap on when I made an ADR to visit Mary Poppins and Alice the morning after we attend MNSSHP :nonono2: I have checked every day for several weeks for an opening for breakfast on other days with no luck.
Has anyone ever just walked up and gotten in within a reasonable amount of time? There are 7 of us which makes it even more difficult!
Do you think if I called one morning we might have a chance? :sad:

Thanks! :mickey:


I wish I could help you out but I am also almost in the same situation but I do have adrs but for 4 and after I made them one of the stepsons moved to florida and now is planning on spending the vacation time with us so I have about 3 dinner adrs for 4 and need 5 that I can not get a fifth added to.


Have you tried looking for a reservation for 8? I know that sounds weird, but sometimes you can’t find a ressie for three when you can for 4… which makes NO sense because it would be the same table space.

Or could you find two ressies for 4, maybe even 15 minutes apart, and ask for tables next to each other?

I don’t know… just taking some shots in the dark!


We walked right in one morning and on President’s Day too, but that was pre-DDP :whistling (2002 to be exact). Sry I can’t help with something more recent.


The morning of, you can try and call *56 (WDW-DINE) from your room or talk to the lobby concierge in your hotel and see if there’s any availability.
I honestly couldn’t give you any guidance about walking up because it is probably 10 years since I’ve just tried walking up anywhere in WDW.


I’d say keep trying till you leave and try everyday while you’re there. Can’t hurt.


Andrea I tried for 4 and 8 (LOL) with no luck. I’ll keep trying.
Thanks for the number to call Soundgod, I will do that if I still have no luck getting an ADR.
Zoomaster, I would just walk up with 5 and take my chances that they will seat you anyway. Hopefully they will.
Mickeybug, You were lucky!
I will keep trying llama :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!!