Chances of Seeing Fantasmic



We have reservations for the Sci Fi Dine In Theatre at 4:10pm on December 17th (not a Dining Package). The Fantasmic show that night is at 6:30pm. What are the chances we’ll get to see it?

Also I’ve read people stand in a line for hours before the show - Is this to get a good seat? get any seat? or just get to see it at all? I wouldn’t want to queue for ages to just get turned away.

I don’t intend to change our dining plans, but would like to know if I should be prepared for the disappointment of not seeing it.



It is a HUGE stadium- but it does fill up especially since they have limited the showings. If you go directly there after you eat, you should be able to get in line and make it to the show. The line itself will not fill the stadium. But, I would not show up 15-20 minutes before either. I think your dates will be a little lower crowds than peak times.
It is a fantastic show! You will really enjoy it.
Good luck!

THis probably belongs in my TR but- we went Sept 3rd?- they had added another show that night. Cms were advising people to go to the second show because it would not fill up. We had already planned for the second show and as we walked by- the first was full- about 1/2 hour prior to start.

We went to the second show 1 hour early and the line looked CRAZY! We got in and got good seats but the second show was FULL by the time it started. There did not appear to be a bit of room in the stadium.
So much for not filling up :slight_smile: LOL!


Thanks you for this, it is good to know.

How early do the lines usually start? And how long before the show starts do they let people into the stadium? Cheers


why not get the Dining Package to be sure of seeing it. I believe there is no extra charge for this.

hope you get to see fantasmic it is so good:heart:


We really want to go to the Sci Fi Dine In and that’s not covered in the package. Also when I was working out our ADRs (before the 90 day window opened up for us last week), I thought the package would be 2 DDP credits so didn’t even consider it.


Mama Melrose and Hollywood & Vine aren’t. Keep your Sci-Fi and have fun there. Once you finish dinner go straight to the Theatre. Yes there is a chance you won’t get to see it. But hopefully you will. The wait lines are so long just to get in, longer to get a good seat. Take your chance, you never know it could end up being a slower night.


Yikes!!! Now I am getting a bit worried. We planned to see it Dec 10th but have not been able to get a dinner plan for it. We are eating at 50’s Prime Time Cafe and then heading to get in line. We have been there before when the stadium was full but were always able to get good seats. I hope not too much has changed in the past 2 years.


You will be fine… if you go when you finish eating. The place holds like 5000 people… When you are in there… there are restrooms, and a concession stand for drinks, etc. THey are also walking around selling glow in the dark whirly stuff… You should be fine, enjoy it- it is a GREAT show!!!


What time is your reservation at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe? We are planning to eat there on our trip too, it looks like fun :laugh:


405 ADR. My DDs love this place and can’t wait to take my parents there for the experience.:happy:


So you are looking at the same timeframe as us then to get fed and get to Fantasmic. Good luck to us both :slight_smile:


It is amazing how hard it has gotten to see Fantasmic. It was hard for me to book the Package. I luckily found an opening on a 3rd night that I tried and that was on my 90 day mark. I remember the good old days when it was no problem to book the package and you could just mozy over 15-20 mins. early and find a seat. I sure hope we don’t get rained out on our package.


I tried getting the Fantasmic package for 12/14 but it was ALL sold when I made my ADR . But I was told not to worry because that week is a low attendance week so she said I should seriously have no problem at all seeing the show. She said to head over there at least an hour before to get in. So you should be totally okay if you go there right after you eat. Hope this gives you a little comfort! :slight_smile: