Change in MNSSHP Plans for 9/22/2006


You are not going to believe this one… DD16 has decided that she wants to go wth Nikki and I on 9/22. So yesterday I call and managed to get another ticket… still gotta run out and get her a costume, she is a pain in the butt so it will take all summer for her to find something…

I also changed my ADR at the Coral Reef for 4:30 pm - so I am hoping that we can get to Magic Kindgom before 5:45 pm… I have already told the DH that we are going to the Coral Reef and 4ish to see if we can get seated as early as possible. DH is planning on going to Disney Quest and then back to the POR… I wish he was going to join us.

So it’s now… me… Dee, DD… Holly (16), DD… Amanda (Nikki) (13) will enjoy MNSSHP.

Just had to share! :tongue: :mickey:


Your DD16 will be so glad she decided to go – and DH is just going to miss out!! Take tons of cool pictures to rub it in! :wink:


You’re not gonna make it to the MK by 5:45 unless you have a car. :sad: I feel I need to break this news to you.

EPCOT is just SO huge - let’s say you only were in Coral Reef for an hour, which is not long for a TS (at least not for us, but maybe y’all are super fast) that’s 5:30 when you leave Coral Reef, and then you have to walk to the front of the park and to the monorail station. That’s another 15 minutes. Then the monorail ride to the TTC is long. So, another 10-15 minutes. THEN, from the TTC to the MK is really fast - like 5 minutes tops.

I hope that helps. You should be at the MK no later than 6:20 with your current ADR.


Thanks Erin, I appreciate the info.
I can’t get ADRs any eariler. We will be there by 7pm…


I love MNSSHP. Your DD will be glad she went and your DH is going to miss out on a lot of fun.


Sounds good, Dac!!! I hope you get to MK in time. Just try to get to Coral Reef as EARLY as possible! Chances are they will seat you and you’ll be out of there earlier than you thought. Good luck to you! :wink:


Erin, you are SO the Epcot pro now!!! L :heart: VE it!!!


Erin is currently loving Epcot! :heart:


we are also attending the halloween party on 9/22. I changed my dinner ressie from San Angel Inn in Epcot to the Liberty Tree Character Dining for 5:20pm so that way we can already be in the park for the party kickoff.
Our first halloween party!!!