Change in plans


Okay, I just wrote a long post … so long, in fact, that MB logged me out in the process, so when I went to post it, the post was LOST. :crying:

I’ll try to make this shorter then. We’ve had a change in plans & I’m trying to deal with it. We were going to pay for the trip today with DH’s commission check, but his check was $3K less than anticipated (ouch), and then we also need to pay for a new air conditioner-central air (ouch) … so rather than put undue stress on ourselves by trying to pay the balance by Oct. 4th … we’re postponing the trip until Spring 2008. We’ll be going March 28-April 4th.

We don’t put stuff on credit, because of DH’s highly fluctuating income … we could get into trouble REALLY quick if we racked up c.c. debt. We’ve BTDT already, don’t want to go there again. So we’ll go in 2008 with a clear conscience, ready to play hard, as we love to do. I just have to break the news to our 11 yr old today, who doesn’t do well with transitions/plan changes. Wish me luck & lots of pixie dust!!!


Lesson learned: slow & steady wins the race. It was absurd of DH & I to think we could pay for a WDW vacation out of one paycheck, no matter how large. Now we will pay a little each month & be ready to rock in March.

Still, the pain in my gut … ugh … ouch …:frown: I don’t want to have to tell my kids.


Thats a real bummer, so sorry you have to postpone.:crying:

But, I know how you feel about the stress of putting things on a CC.:pinch: You are much better off, and will feel more relaxed about going in the Spring without a debt to pay when you get back.:happy:

Good luck in telling your kids, maybe you can offer something special for the Spring trip. (Character breakfast, Disney Dollars, etc.) Just a thought.:flowers:


It just dawned on me. The dining plan will change in '08 (we were using the 07 plan for Nov). Ugh, I have to do more research.


Postponing is better than canceling. It is always better to go when you know you have the $$ to pay for it. Who wants to come home… and THEN have that Mickey :mickey: on your back?:wink:


Negatives: we have to cancel 2-day park hopping plans with friends from FL. They changed their Thanksgiving plans just for us. I feel like a turd. We’ll also miss Thanksgiving dinner at Captain Rons. He’s a cast member for the Epcot fireworks cruises, an old friend. Haven’t seen him since 2003 & he invited us to his home for Thanksgiving. (Stuff like this is why my gut hurts.) No Christmas mickey magic.

Positives: I get to restart our dining plans, which I wasn’t happy with for Nov. anyway. I want to visit Ohana! LOL I’ve learned that it’s not good to go to MK on a Mon or Tues. Now I can change those plans too & go on a different day. :laugh: My 3.5 yr old will hopefully be fully potty trained & ready for more rides. Waiting until March 28th, 08 … will make the trip that much more sweet. :wub:

Any tips for March/April visits are welcome. Last time we went in Spring I was in a wheelchair (supposed to be on pregnant bedrest) … and I didn’t get to ride any rides, except “It’s a Small World”, which I rode 10 times in a row with my 4 yr old. :laugh:


sorry you have to change plans, but sounds like a good thing to do! pixie dust for telling the kids - get them excited about the next one, and try to downplay the disappointment in not going as soon. good luck!


Does anyone know, do I lose my $200 reservation deposit if I switch the dates?? I think I lose if I do it too close to the vacation dates, but if I do it now, I’m just wondering … My DH is greatly relieved, apparently he was under a lot of stress about trying to make enough money for this trip, but he didn’t tell me about that until today. booger! :glare:


You are far enough in advance. You shouldn’t lose your deposit, especially if your just going to rebook. I think you should be fine. So sorry you had to cancel your trip. It will be here in no time! Good luck to you!


That is so true. …And as Daisee said, “Postponing is better than canceling.” Disney is one of those weird things, sometime making the plans and building the trip is as fun as being there. Bummer that you’re postponing the trip, but at least you’ll get to start redoing all the travel arrangements and retailor your trip. At least you’re only gonna be off the original mark by about five months. That really isn’t too bad. Time goes by fast these days, and that trip will be here sooner than you know. Best of luck with that air conditioner and replanning that trip. You may want to consider saving a little extra to add a little icing to your cake when you get down here for the troubles! Do a show, a water park or a meal off the dining plan, a little something off the original itinary just for the heck of it!!!


ahhhhh! I feel for you we had to reschedule ours twice. now hopefully this one will happen . but as you said spring will be bigger and better.


I’m sorry about your trip, but life happens and it sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight. Those extra months will go pretty fast.


Yeah, most of those previous trips in my siggie? Put on credit cards. :glare: What a pain to come home to debt. It takes the fun out of it. We’re not doing that ever again. :happy:


That would be a terrible burden.


I wanted to update: told the kids … they took it MUCH better than I expected. I suppose because I told them we get to stay for 7 nights in March/April, instead of 6 in November. LOL … 'tis true though. Now I’m just debating the resort choice though. POR is much better suited to our budget (we’d have more $ to play with), but DH is a heavy snorer. I will wear ear plugs on vacation & perhaps get some extra ones for the older kids. Our toddler is used to the noise & sleeps thru it. :blink:


I am sorry that you had to postpone your trip but I do understand. I am so happy for you that your kids took the news well.

Happy Planning!

Lisa :mickey: