Change of Plans - Coronado here we come


This stinks! After all my decision making…I have to change our resort plans. We were going to share a Contemporary room with the grandparents so it would be more affordable. Today my mom said she wouldnt know for sure whether they could go until they returned from their trip to Hawaii (their 40th anniversary) in June. Well, if they decide they arent going to go to WDW then we will have to try and find a resort room more in our budget or pay the rate at the Contemporary ourselves. I am not sure whether the resorts will fill up for August or not and dont want to chance not getting a room at a resort of our choice. I really don’t want to end up at a value (we stayed at the Century and just felt the room was too small for us).

Soooooo…so long Contemporary…hello Coronado. It has been 5 years since we stayed at Coronado. Our last time there was a disaster actually…lots of problems. We love POFQ but being that Coronado has queen size beds we will give it another try.

With all that being said…what building should we request? We prefer to be close to the main bldg where the food court is and to be close to a bus depot. Also, how is the quick counter service there???

Thanks again !


Coronado’s been undergoing a deep refurb and most rooms now have two queen beds (not doubles) and wide screen LCD TVs.
I’d suggest the Casita’s (1, 2, and 3, but try to avoid the 4th floor of Casitas 2 (or 1) because there is no direct elevator).
Casitas works out really good because the first stop returning from parks is stop 2, the closest to Casitas while the last stop before heading to the parks is the main building and it’s about an equal distance walk to either stop.
This way you minimize your wait time going and ride time returning.
Also, you can see the bus pass by Casitas and know you will make that bus by walking to the main building, also saving some time.

I’ve added the map. The Casitas bus stop is right under the sun in the upper left corner (the south east ray)


We stayed at Coronado last year and had no issues at all. I also recommend the Casitas, although it is a walk from the pool. We stayed in Casitas 1.


We just stayed in Casitas 2 - it was about even between the main building’s bus stop and bus stop #2, which drops off first. It’s a very short and very pretty walk to the main building. I love CSR! I hope you have a better experience with it this time. :heart:


This is what I’ve been saying all along.
Thank you for backing up my observation.
Out of curiosity, were you on the 4th floor as well?
If you were, you know what a pain it is getting to your room.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;964028]This is what I’ve been saying all along.
Thank you for backing up my observation.
Out of curiosity, were you on the 4th floor as well?
If you were, you know what a pain it is getting to your room.[/QUOTE]

Oh sorry, I did repeat what you said above. I didn’t read your post well enough the first time. :blush:

No, we were on the first floor. Our door faced the parking lot and we only had to make 2 left turns down a hallway to get to the path to the main building, so it was really easy access to everything.


I won’t wait any longer if you have not booked a room at CSR yet. You might find none available at that time period.


You’re not so much repeating what I may have posted here in this thread.
You are echoing my opinions that I have posted in several other threads.
You’re agreeing with me.
To Quote Martha Stewart: “It’s a good thing”.


Exactly what I was thinking…I had Magical Journeys modify our reservation today. She requested Casitas location for us. Just waiting to get the confirmation from her now.
Once we have confirmation then we just wait for the FL resident/passholder rates to come out for mid-August. Once they are out Magical Journeys applies to best rate to the reservation without us having to do anything. I am hoping the rate drops to $89 or $99 a night.


I hope this time is better for you. I like cabana 9b or any of the cabana buildings.

Many guests read or hear about cabana 9b or low numbered casita buildings but not all guests will be able to get a room in those buildings or may need a room in those buildings. These are not necessarily the best locations for every guest, in fact not best for most. (As of 1/2009, the conversion of cabana 9b to BUSINESS CLUB LEVEL was completed. This option will not be available for leisure guests but this building can be requested by leisure guests.)

For conventioneers, Casitas 1 or 3 are often the best. These are close to the convention center but quite a distance from pools and bus stops.

For adult couples, especially honeymooners or those celebrating anniversaries, Casitas 4 or 5 with a water view is exceptional. Casita 4 has the quiet pool, fitness center, spa, salon, and both are close to bus stop #2.

For leisure guests with children, here are some great locations; Cabana9b, Cabana 8a, Rancho 7b, Cabana 8b, Cabana 9a, Rancho 6b, and Rancho 6a…in that order. Nearness to El Centro is usually of no importance to many guests. It’s much more important to be close to the park bus stops and the “Dig Site”. Leisure guests may come to El Centro once or twice; but they will be at the bus stops twice a day (at least) and the pool often when they are at the resort.

For adults or large families who wish to be close to a park bus stop and to a “quieter pool” but are not interested in the theme pool, building 7a is great and has close proximity to parking.

Building 2 also is close to parking and usually one of the quietest buildings, especially on the 4th floor. The fourth floor of the building actually includes part of the upper floors of building 3 and has easy access to the convention center by way of the elevator courtyard of building 1 (especially in a rainstorm).

In other words, there is no “best location for everyone”. Each building has its own plusses and minuses. The cast members will be happy to guide you into the building that fits your needs best…if you let them know what those needs and expectations may be.

Also, for a reality check…when there is a large convention……not everyone is going to get a room next to the convention center. In fact, most of the rooming blocks are set up by the group having the convention long before any of the convention guests arrive… Sometimes, there is little cast member latitude on changing those assignments.

As always, if there are special needs that must be addressed, fax the resort a week before arrival. Be sure you are faxing to the resort and not to Walt Disney Travel Company, their booking agency. The resort cast is best able to accommodate special needs. Often guests call the reservation desk with these requests and do not understand that this is not the resort; but a central reservation desk for ALL of Walt Disney World. The fax number is 1-407-939-1001.

Cabana 9b is close to bus stop 1 and the main building with a short walk to the Dig Site (main pool) over the wooden bridge.

Cabana 8a is close to the Dig Site (and playground) and bus stop 4 with a short walk to the main building (closest to the pool).

Cabana 8b and 9a are in between the 2 above (9a has a quiet pool).

Ranchos 7b has a quiet pool, is close to the Dig Site and bus stop 4 with a bit longer walk to the main building. 7b is behind cabana 8a.

Casita 1 is attached to the main building and is very close to the restaurants.

Casita 3 has great courtyard and fountain views.

Casita 5 has some nice fountain and lake views and is close to the Dig Site but farther from the main building. Close to bus stop #2.