Change of Plans


Well, my family decided they didn’t want to go to WDW. :sad: So, I’ve decided I’m going to take some friends with me instead. First off, I read somewhere I can only book one room with my AP discount and heard another place I can book 3, which one is it? Also, is there any discounts for booking more than one room (like a bulk discount)? I was wondering too, do you have any advice for making our vacation an enjoyable one (we plan on going around Father’s Day)? Lastly, what’s the cheapest way to go while staying on-property (I plan on staying at Coronado Springs or Polynesian but we might end up staying at Pop Century if our budget runs dry)?

P.S. Oh also, most of us qualify for Florida Resident discount because we live in Northwest Florida (and I also get military discounts).

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate it! :mickey:


First of all, welcome to Disney Central. You have a lot of questions there, I will try to answer the ones I can. The cheapest way to go on property would be to stay at a Value.(Pop Century) As far as the AP discount, it is limited to 3 rooms I believe, and no, there is not a “bulk” discount. I am also pretty sure it will be busy around Father’s Day, and though I am not trying to alarm you, I think I would make my reservations ASAP! (that is if you are going this coming Father’s Day). Let us know what you decide.


Welcome to Disney Central. Your questions have seemed to be answered already. I hope you choose to plan your trip here with us on DC. We love to help. :wub:


Are you eligible to stay at Shades of Green? That might be something to look into.


Thanks for the welcoming. :slight_smile: The reason I plan on going around Father’s Day is because I turn 18 the day before Father’s Day. Going the week after Father’s Day sounds possible too (I get my driver’s license on the Monday after Father’s Day and my schedule is flexible as long as I don’t get called in to start working). Last time I went (in March), I stayed at Pop Century which was nice, but I was planning on staying at a nicer resort if I could afford it (Coronado Springs or Polynesian). Do you have any advice as far as crowds and how to keep from letting the weather effect our trip? Basically, I’m trying to figure out the cheapest way to go (I’m the only one with an AP the others would probably get Magic Your Way tickets or AP’s if it is cheaper / they aren’t going to want to go if its going to cost them alot [we are teenagers afterall]). I also plan on getting a DDE card so that should make food cheaper (however last time I went with my parents, not too many places gave food discounts in the parks). Also, do you know how much it costs to upgrade an AP to a PAP? Thanks in advance.

[Edit #1: I don’t think I can stay at Shades of Green because I only get military discounts for tickets. I’d have to get my parents to come (which they don’t want to) in order to be able to get a room at Shades of Green.]

[Edit #2: Also, We live near Pensacola, FL (Northwestern most point of Florida) and I was wondering if you think carpooling or flying would be cheaper. We could fly from Pensacola Regional Airport straight to Orlando International Airport or drive there. If we drove there, we would have our cars, but if we flew there it would be a much quicker trip (flight is about an hour to two hours, drive is about eight hours).]


Hi and welcome to the boards! I am new here too, but I thought I would welcome you anyway!

We are military as well and from what I know you can use any military facility with your id card. You may want your parents to make the reservations for you if you are under 18, but if you are over 18 that should not be a problem. (as long as you have a valid military id card) We went to Las Vegas in October and stayed at the Air Force Inn there and got 2 rooms. One for us and one for a friend (non military) who went with us. Also at the Hale Koa in Hawaii (we were stationed there) I believe you could get rooms for guests as long as an authorized sponsor made the reservations. You might want to call SOG. We were going to stay there for our trip in October but instead are staying at PC to take advantage of the free dining!

Good luck with your travel plans and enjoy the boards!



I would just like to welcome you to DC!




OK, Well I think I got it figured out. Do you know what the average AP discount rate is for a Value resort from June 23 - June 26? Also, I need help with my budget. Right now, I have it budgeted for $327.20 per person for 3 nights and that includes value resort room and tickets. How much extra do I need to factor in for spending money and food? I plan on buying a Disney Dining Experience card with my AP discount. I was thinking breakfast at the food court when we feel we need breakfast, bring our own snackfood and water, go to a kiosk or McDonald’s stand when we can’t handle the snackfood/drinks we have, eat lunch at a resturaunt in Downtown Disney or in one of the parks, and eat dinner at a counter-service or at the food court in the resort.