Change of plans


So we WERE going to stay at Wilderness Lodge next month, but after careful consideration I decided that we should stay at…

THE VILLAS AT WL!!! :biggrin: :mickey: :smile:

I had booked a room with the bunkbeds at WL, but they look kind of small for my DS (15) and DstepD (14). At the time I booked it there were no one or 2 bedroom villas available, only a studio. I called the other day and there’s a one b.r. now so I took it! I’m thrilled to have the jacuzzi, kitchen and washer/dryer and a little more space to relax.

We’ll have to bring the aerobed tho for one of the kids, but that’s THEIR problem! Mom’s happy!!! We stayed in a one br villa there before and loved it.

We’re under 30 days too!!! Whoo Hoo!!! This has been a good week!


Great news!!! I am so happy for ya…especially since you won’t be the one sleeping on the aerobed. lol:)


OMG, is that Jamie from Off Kilter in your avatar, I’ve only had a crush on him since I was like 14!!! :heart: :wub: :heart:


Why yes, it is!!! And YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM! :nonono2:
I SAW HIM FIRST!!! :fork_off:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well,this gentleman certainly has pleasant features!!!


That’s because God made the Scots just a WEE BIT better. :wink:


Congrats on the villa! I love having the washer and dryer in the room, taking home mostly clean clothes is wonderful!


Sounds Great!!! And you’re getting so close! We’ll hold the catnip for you while you’re off having a good time!


Ahhh - men in kilts. :closedeye Big, strapping, lumberjack boot wearing men in kilts. :closedeye :closedeye Playing the pipes. :closedeye :closedeye :closedeye

Anyway, I digress…Yay WLV - they are SO nice. We stayed there in November - and while I’ve always had a gripe against WL :dry: I fell in love with the Villas! Have a wonderful time - and if the kids complain - put them on the balcony to sleep. It’s warm.


Yay, Catfish!!! Have a great time!! Sounds wonderful!!


Awesome news!!

We’ll never forget our stay in a one-bedroom at the BC!


Update on change of change of plans…
We WERE going from June 16 - 23, but DH decided that it wasn’t enough time so we’re staying TWO EXTRA DAYS!!!
I was kinda looking forward to a couple days off before going back to work, but, weighing that against extra magical disney time…well you know how that’s gunna end!


YAY, CATFISH!!! Extra days at WDW beats extra days off at home!!! :cool: