Changes coming to stroller rentals?


I’m not sure what area this belongs in, so I apologize if I got it wrong.

Check out this blog entry from Chip and Company. Has anyone else seen this news regarding stroller companies? I wonder if they are applying the same policy to scooters? And I wonder what prompted this?

Changes Are Rolling in for Stroller Rental Companies at Walt Disney World | Chip and Co


Yes, this means that only the specified stroller rental company may drop at bell’s service. They did this with scooter rental not so long ago. The two that I always suggest are listed, so I have no concerns. Kingdom stroller and Apple scooter are my choices. I suspect we may see this happen with Grocery delivery soon.


Glad to hear that Apple Scooter is on the list. They are the company we used last trip and we loved them.


Do the companies have to pony up the dollars in order for Disney to allow them in?