Changes in China


Just read this on All Ears:

In China, a new Joy of Tea outdoor cart features hot and cold teas, frozen green tea concoctions and alcoholic choices such as plum wine and wine green tea slush. The pavilion’s Lotus Blossom Café has been renovated and features a new menu that includes Beijing barbecue chicken, sesame chicken salad and rou jia mo, a popular Chinese sandwich made with sliced beef stuffed in toasted wheat-flour flatbread. Nine Dragons table-service restaurant will close in early 2008 for renovations that include an exhibition kitchen where guests can interact with the chefs.

All I can say, is it is about time they got a new menu for Lotus Blossom. It wasn’t one of our favorites.

I really like the idea of the interactive feature for the new Nine Dragons. I always thought they could do so much more. Glad to hear about all these improvements!:happy:


Too funny, when I was trying to play detective last year looking for public permits that DVC might be doing work at the AKL (when it was just hearsay and rumor) I saw a building permit & the architechtural plans/map for something they were calling “Tea Cart: EPCOT China.” haha, cool to see it actually come to fruition. I already know where it will be sitting :tongue:

Hmm, maybe I’ll go search through records again :laugh:


I’m glad to hear about these changes also. My children and I love Chinese food but were not very fond of the China Pavillion choices. Oh well, just ANOTHER reason to have to plan ANOTHER trip to WDW :laugh: :laugh: .


We all like Chinese food too, however, we have it often at home and never thought it would be an exciting choice for us while at WDW. I’m interested in seeing how they are going to do this. Dining in Disney can definitely make a typical restaurant a truely unique experience when they put culinary imagineers to work.


I was expecting this to be a thread about the new exhibit brought to you by Wal-Mart :laugh:

(China needs a ride…as does Canada…just my 2cents)


Walmart!:laugh: :laugh:

I like the idea of adding a ride to these!:cool:


Next month(not sure of the date),the movie in Canada will be closing for a refurbish and new movie.


That definitely needed updated too.