Changes to our ADRs


I made some changes to our ADR’s yesterday…

Now we have,

Dinner on the first night at Rose & Crown - 7:40. I’ve got to read up on old threads for the best way to get a “view” seat (I think it’s just show up early for the ADR, request it, and be willing to wait??)
Dinner at Boma (did this last trip and loved it)
Dinner at Whispering Canyone (another fave)
Dinner at Trails End (never done this before, but we’ve got a carriage ride scheduled afterwards and hope to see the campfire program as well!!)
Dinner at 50’s Prime Time (this one is new for us too)
Dinner at Spoodles (MY favorite and now our tradition for the last night of each vacation)
I’ve got one night without an ADR, but I think we’ll eat at the POR food court, then I’ve got a Port Orleans carriage ride scheduled that should end just in time to see BOB in the POR lounge. We :wub: Bob!!


Sounds yummy…enjoy!


For Rose & Crown - yep show up early request the outdoor table and be willing to wait.
We got ours on the first try last year
Good Luck!

All your other choices look great also!


Love your picks! I think you are right about the rose and crown. You just show up and request an outside seat. Just be willing to wait for one to open up.


Can’t wait to hear about Trail’s End. We didn’t get to try it on our quick WL trip this past January, but we’re heading back in December and I hope to try it then. Other choices look great!