Changes to Pleasure Island


Here are a couple of interesting Orlando Sentinel articles from today’s paper about the changes taking place at Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney.

Here’s one

Here’s the other


What will happen to Comedy Warehouse? Glad Adventurers’ Club and Mannequins are still safe (I miss the Jazz club though)…

still misses the Fireworks Factory


I think I’d like Comedy Warehouse better, if they booked name entertainment a few nights a week. I usually don’t spend much time in PI, mostly because when it comes to entertainment, I don’t want to fool around with mediocre talent. I know that sounds elitist, but my name here derives from my lifelong involvement in entertainment. I’ve worked with so many world class artists, that most performers I see anywhere don’t do much for me. That’s probably the main reason why I enjoy Cirque so much. It’s not what I’ve become used to in my professional life. At least with House of Blues being at DTD, there’s a chance that an act I’d like to see (and spend money on) will be playing. The only concert in Orlando that I’ve ever paid to see was Elvis Costello at Hard Rock Live in 2002.


As long as the Adventure’s Club is still safe…and there’s a place to dance(live or dj)…I’m a happy camper!


Honestly I don’t consider PI to be mediocre, and if they had more big-name people then the price would doubtless go up. I’m happy with Comedy Warehouse the way it is. The big-name people I’d pay extra to see on stage would tend to be the ones less likely to be at Disney, like Margaret Cho. :wub: I just can’t see her doing her act there somehow. :laugh:

I suppose it’s a matter of different tastes, Soundgod. :shrug:



I agree, there are a lot of very talented people all over that aren’t famous. Just because someone isn’t well known doesn’t make them Mediocre.


Just when I get old enough to enjoy the kid-less side of Disney, they let the kids come in! #&*%$&! :laugh: I don’t think it’s sensible. I really don’t want to have kids running around in the club while I’m trying to enjoy a drink and dancing. But then again, I doubt many parents will have their kids out late at night. But then again, there’s always gasp TEENAGERS! :laugh: I’m not a fan of young teens anyway, and to allow them into P.I. just seems like it could ruin the fun. That’s just my 2 cents.


We rarely go to PI these days - except to the Adventurer’s Club, every couple of years. We love that place! I’m glad it’s staying. As far as I’m concerned some of the best entertainment I’ve seen has been “mediocore” no-names. Being “famous” doesn’t necessarily mean you have any talent. Jessica Simpson and Brittany Spears as case in point…


Wow!! I was there in Nov and all was quiet, now it is all torn up over there. I wondr if I will liek it more when it is done, I kind of liked the old PI. The old PI with cover charges etc kept the little kids out, I liek kids and all, but kids pack the parks, so it was nice to get away for a little.


I think that this will kind of kill Pleasure Island once and for all, but I’m hopeful that these new changes bring in some new and exciting shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Rumors for the next couple of years include new restaurants, many new stores, and possibly some new nighttime entertainment (fireworks show on the lagoon).


How is this going to affect pricing? In other words, I have the Water Park Fun & More Option so will I still be getting what I paid for?


what about the disneyquest it will be closed for the espn zone to the new home in dtd. and where to put the disneyquest. And Please! tell me what is the year to see the last time to see disneyquest.:mickey::confused:


Well DH and I are performers and I can tell you, we normally critique everything we see. But I think the performers at the Comedy Warehouse are quite talented and entertaining. I enjoy it every time. I don’t think Disney normally hires mediocre talent.

Course Simon Cowell would think so…


From what I’ve heard, DisneyQuest will be closed forever in late 2007 to make way for the new ESPN Club. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I’ve never been to DQ so I’m not really crushed by the possibility that it will be closed, but having the ESPN Club at the Boardwalk is just so perfect. But remember, this information hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, so everything so far is just a rumor.


Whatever they do, there are about a gazillion rumours here about PI…since thats where ALL the internationals go every Monday and all the College Program people go every Thursday. Things are being said about them making it over 21 only :gasp: I WOULD DIE! If they do that though, they will loose so much business. I think 18+ would be a good idea, because yeah…kids at a club where adults are drinking just doesn’t seem appropriate to me. But I really hope they don’t block out all us underagers, that would be so mean. I mean the presidents of both the canadian monday night clubs are underage what in the world would we do! eek!
…it’s okay…I’m calm


This is my DD’s (8) dream come true!!!
this kid likes to party and dance!!!
Although I have never been to PI, I would not get drunk around her or while Iam in Disney for that matter! IMO, I just dont want to be sick while Iam on Vacation at the World! I will save that for back home! :wink:


If anyone is going soon could you take some pics and post them?


Rosebud is a DC’r on the CP working at PI. Maybe she could post some pics for us, or tell us if she knows of any changes.


does disney quest will be closed to put espn zone in downtown disney.:confused::mickey:


I’ll be going in a month. I’m definitely going to AC. But since I have not been to PI before(well not at night anyway), I may not know what has changed.