I heard there is some changes coming into the parks.


So where did you hear that and what are the changes, do you know more?


No major changes announced that I’m aware of, except at our parade meeting we continued discussing the possibility of us getting Parade of Dreams next year. That would definitely be a big change for us in parades.


What did you hear? When did you hear this? Who did you hear this from?


I hope that’s true because for some reason we always seem to miss this wonderful parade when we are in Disneyland. :blush: Which is such a crime. My chances of watching it in WDW would be much better.


Please expand on this stuff that you heard. It’s helpful to post a link as a reference when you post news.


Undoubtedly WDW is always discussing updating attractions. Just look at the changes to PotC and HM. And I remember talk at one point a few years ago of changing the Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree House to a Tarzan Theme, but nothing official has been announced.


I haven’t heard any changes regarding Jungle Cruise. As far as the tree houses go… It is rumored that they are to be demolished and NEW treehouses built in their place. The only major ride I can think of is Toy Story Mania.


But they just REFURBED the Treehouse? We were just in it and it was all neat and tidy with the other trees trimmed back?

OH wait are you talking about the treehouse resorts? :laugh: :laugh: Sorry I was talking Swiss Family Treehouse!! Anyway, I heard this may be removed and replaced with a walk-a-bout pirate ship . . . it was a rumor I assume since I haven’t heard anything about it lately . . . but that would be cool. Don’t ya think?


Well everyone is right, Disney makes changes all the time.


Wishes is finishing, but still no word on Skydance replacing Reflections of Earth?
As for treehouse and treehouses, I think what’s being talked about here is the SFR Treehouse, not the treehouse lodgings, which are targeted for extinction.


Again, links where you read this information is helpful as a reference. Please post them with your “news”. Thank you.


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I kind of remember a past post where someone said they saw people walking around the Jungle Cruise/Treehouse area with blue prints but the person could not hear what they were saying…and that is not for lack of trying. That being said…the Jungle Cruise bores me so I never go on it and I think the last time I was in the treehouse was 13 years ago.


This is the article regarding the Treehouse lodging… of course they things could have changed again since Feb.

Walt Disney World to rebuild Treehouse Villas –


This is really interesting. Here is a small part of the article.
Disney World spokeswoman Andrea Finger said at least some of the new units would be available for use by resort visitors – the first time any of the Treehouse Villas have been open to the public in several years.

She would not discuss whether the new Treehouse Villas would be rented as lodging, sold as Disney Vacation Club time shares, or both.

“We are bringing them back as a popular option for our guests,” she said. “The unique location has provided a tranquil and more secluded environment that our guests have enjoyed since the mid-'70s.”


I’m surprised given the economic forecast. I’d think WDW would be “circling the wagons” for the time being.