Changing ME pickup time?


I am sure this has been discussed in another thread and I tried searching the forums for it but came up with nothing so I apologize for rehashing old things…

Anyway, has anyone ever changed their assigned Magical Express pick up time on their departure day? Is that even possible? I have always just gone with the 3 hours before pick up but I have always also ended up sitting around the airport for what felt like days. Since I am on a shorter trip this time around, I was kind of hoping to squeeze any extra minutes I can out of my last day!


I wondered this same thing as asked a cm when I checked in for ME and again at my resort when I recieved my pick-up time. That is your pick-up. If you miss it, they do not guarantee anyother bus that will get you there in enough time for check-in etc. You have to remember that they stop at multiple resorts and you have to get through scurity check in…summary of all this babble, they won’t change your time.


My brother tried to do the same thing last time he took the ME . . . they wouldn’t let him! It’s prob, because they don’t want to be “blamed” if you miss your flight! :huh:


You cannot change your pickup time. You either have to leave the scheduled 3 hours before your flight or take your own method of transportation to the airport if you really don’t want to leave that early.


Well, in the peak season that may well be true, and I’d be leery of abandoning your confirmed pick-up time for a later pickup in any case.

That said, never say never! Our family had a late flight in early February, and our pickup time wasn’t until 5PM on a Monday afternoon. We had checked out of the hotel hours earlier due to a late morning Chef Mickey’s DR, then gotten on the monorail to visit the GF just out of curiosity.
We got back to our resort (SSR) with a couple of hours to kill still before our pickup time, but the kids were tired and cold, and we thought we’d be better off just going to the airport.
I called ME and they said it was up to the driver. The 4PM driver said - sure, come on! Of course, we were also the last stop before heading to the airport, but it was still a relief to be on our way.


You have a better chance of getting on an early one than a later one. There is no guarantee that you will get to the airport on time if you take a later bus. Better still, who would want to take the chance? What is the later bus if full and you can’t get on???


Oh, well. I figured it was worth trying. I totally understand why they don’t really let you change it because people would totally turn around and unfairly blame WDW if they missed their flight by taking the later bus ( I work in visitor services, so I know the name of that tune!)

It just always seems like we have so much time at the airport that I figured I’d look into it just in case. Guess I’ll be on that bust at 1:30ish on 8/29!

Thanks everyone for the info!


You do have the option of just taking a cab back to the airport. At least you are only doing it one way and not round trip. you can get one of those easily.