Changing my booking?


Quick question. I have 9 days booked in August for free dining. Due to the way too much airfares for then, we have decided to drive. I have to :sad: chop off the last day of our reservations to allow for drive time.

So my question is, if I call to change my departure date, can they they alter the reservation, or will they have to cancel the first ressie and make a whole new one??? And how will this affect the dining deal since you can’t book it now.

I’ve never changed a reservation before so this is new territory for me.

Thanks for any answers ya all got!



I just changed my dates aroung a week ago, same deal we had to move our days around for driving. They changed my dates no problem and I kept my free dining and reservation number no problem. We added days to the beginning of our August trip and took 2 days away at the end so that we could drive and have the kids home before school started.

So yes you can change, no it won’t change your free dining. And may I say darn those flight price. Looks like alot of us will be driving this year!!!


2nd MomBee.

And welcome to MB.


Only once did I have an issue with changing reservations, so I left them. Called back and got a different CM and everything was fine.

Driving can be an adventure!