Changing number of people in reservations


We’ll be with the in-laws for part of our trip, so my husband made most of our reservations for 6 so they could join us at some of them. Once we decide which ones they are/aren’t going to be at, we need to change some of the reservations to 4 people. Is this going to be a problem or upset any CMs? Should we make the changes right away? (Trip is in September.)



You will have to cancel and rebook. Chances are you won’t get the time and maybe even the restaurant if you do that. Keep you ADR as is and when you show up to check in, tell them that two couldn’t make it.


I just made some changes over the weekend for our July trip. My niece was suppose to be driving in to meet us, but now she can’t make it. So I changed from from 11 to 10 and had no problem for any of our ADR’s.


I am glad that you didn’t have any problems. That’s not always the case, but I am thrilled that they were able to change the number of people without making you cancel. Perhaps it had something to do with your group size? When you are going from 6 to 4 people, you are looking at a totally different table size. I had similar issues changing from 4 to 2 people and the CM told me to leave the ADR as is.


I agree with Dana, keep your ADRs and tell them at check in that your numbers have changed. They don’t save a table for you before you show up, they just put you on the list for the next table for your party size when you arrive.


when we needed to make changes, we were told the same thing, just kep the reservation “as-is” and tell the people at the restaurant that some people couldn’t make it.