Changing our resort from ASMo to POFQ


so i am seriously thinking about changing our resort for our Nov. trip from ASMo to POFQ.

my reason we will be spending more time at the resort this trip so i really was hoping for a FUN pool.
this resort has a cute themed pool WITH a SLIDE!! it’s also the only mod. with a food court.

so…my questions:
beds comfy?? my bed has been pretty UNcomfy at ASMo on our last 2 visits.
food court good?

is there any reason this might be a bad choice??


We love POFQ, it’s a beautiful resort and so small and comfy.

Beds were good.

Nice food court.

No reason that I can see that would make it a bad choice.


Never a bad choice moving from a value to a moderate. More peaceful, rooms that are more comfy & nicely decorated, etc. I haven’t stayed there in about 5 years so I don’t remember the bed quality but I don’t think there was ever a problem.

I think you should try it :smile:


The beds are comfortable…I love the rooms at that resort too. They are spacious…clean…not the best decore, but VERY neat. I love the transportation to DTd and the fact that you are the first to be dropped off and picked up on the bus route. You are making a wise choice in my opinioni…best mod because of the small size of the place. The food court is PERFECT! We usually eat there often on our trips to POFQ…tons of choices.



done & done!!

i called just now & got it changed…i can’t believe i am now even MORE excited than i normally am!! :C)


i have to agree Dana…not crazy about the room decor. but i am not wild about the interior of the rooms at ASMo either!! LOL


CONGRATS!! Don’t stress over room assignment there. ALl the building are pretty close to the main of things. You are going to love your stay at POFQ! I can’t wait to hear what you think.


Thye cherry furniture is beautiful…I just hate those ugly bed spreads…:laugh:



I didn’t think we would like POFQ at all but I booked 2 nights there last summer just to try it and we fell in love with the resort. We had a wonderful 2 days there and will return.



i just booked a standard room. we usually go preferred at ASMo, but i relized after this last trip that we keep the curtains closed the whole time, so it doesn’t matter what we would be looking at…we aren’t looking at it! :C)

and as far as the walking…DD is in her stroller, so no worries about her…and DH & i don’t really mind…we like walking…even after walking all day at the park…it’s not really a burden…it helps take away the worry about the extra sweets we gobble down while on vacation.:C)

besides, rooms that have a view of the parking lot usually don’t have the noise so much from the pool.

i am just thrilled to be staying somewhere NEW and i know DD will love the pool with the slide! :C)

i remember your TR, DisneyTeacher, all the pics. you took, saying how you were so pleasantly surprised. that is kinda what started me to thinking. you mentioned how your son loved the dragon slide and all your pics. really gave me a diff. impression from what i orig. thought the resort would be like.

i am going to go back read your TR again!


You will LOVE IT… It is quaint, and very very New Orleans like. That seems to be where the bedding and the decor originates from… I love that bedspread… It is FILLED with Hidden Mickeys…

Anyway-the hotel is small, with some walking, but nothing too bad at all. There is one bus stop. On a bad note (not really that bad at all)… you share the bus with por… However if enough people get on and the bus is full, the bus proceeds to the park. You are the first to be dropped off at night-yeah!.. Also-it is very quick to the parks… You will like it. There are cute walkways that are like the streets in New Orleans… and the railings are all different just like in New Orleans…

You will really like it! Have a great trip!


oh it’s so nice to hear such positive reviews!!

thanks for all the opinions.

if anyone has anymore “tips” please share!



oh yeah… you can take the boat from the river at the back of the hotel to downtown Disney… I have never seemed to do this, but I have seen the boat!


I hope you like it because I really expected something different when we stayed there. I honestly didn’t think we would like it but my whole family loved the resort, my didn’t want to move to Beach Club!


I think you’ll be happy with that choice!!
We stayed in a value five times before we ever stayed in a moderate and I promise you it felt like we were royalty when we checked into that place! Compared to AS’s and POP the beds are MUCH better…we stayed at POR but I am assuming they are the same.


music to my ears!!:laugh:

yea, yea!

oh i hope that is true for us too!!

we have a “sleep number bed” here at home and not that it’s ever going to be as good as that…but the beds at ASMo were awful!!


UM . . . I’ll be there in 8 DAYS . . . so I’ll let you know how comfy the beds are!! :blush:


Good Choice!


chottsy, you are going to love it!!!