Changing ressies luck!


well, about two weeks ago we took on another vacationer for three days of out trip(BIL). the trip is only five days, so some of the ADR’s had to be tossed and i was afraid we would be looking for the scrap’s in dining. well, i was able to get another ticket to the mvmcp two weeks before the date, and just this morning i was able to get le cellier for 5 people at an earlier time than i had previously secured for four people. WOW!!. i was also able to secure the yachtsman for an hour later than our previous time so we won’t have to leave the park so early. WOW again!!! one more day. we are in full disney mode. my wife and i were talking this morning and she says she’s almost sad bc it has been so fun watching our daughter’s anticipation for the past few weeks.


Congrats to you! Enjoy your vacation.


Oh now I want that cheese soup!


Wow, that’s awesome! Congrats! Those are tough, you did fantastic!