Character breakfast on last day


Having never visited Disney, this may sound like a really silly question. After reading the forum, I thought it would be a lovely idea to do a character breakfast on our last morning at WDW. However, our last couple of days will be spent at Seaworld and Universal, as we have 14 days of tickets for WDW. Our tickets will be of no use on our last morning. Sooooo, is it possible to just dine at Tusker House on our last morning without using the park or will we simply not be able to get to the restaurant for breakfast because we won’t have valid park tickets any longer? I really hope that’s not the case :sad:


IF you are wanting to do a character breakfast there are several options at the resorts that do not need tickets to do Ohanas is one of them.


We are doing Park Fare Breakfast on our last day because our tickets will be gone as well. Can’t beat Alice, Maddhatter and Mary Poppins!!!


I particularly wanted to do the one at Tusker House for the characters there so I take it that is definitely out? If so, I’ll do Kona Cafe at Polynesian on our last day and do a swap on our schedule. I thought it would have been lovely to have a farewell breakfast with Mickey and Minnie etc. But if it can’t be done, then so be it. Any other suggestions for a last day breakfast without park entry appreciated.


Sorry, without a ticket to get into the park, you can’t get to tusker house. But there are several places to have breakfast with characters at resorts, so no ticket to worry about.


Just to throw this out…there is Chef Mickey for breakfast and at Beach Club there’s a character breakfast. I’m not sure who all there, but I think Minnie is one.

What time are you leaving disney? If you can do a later breakfast, that would be lovely. More time to relax and see the characters a few times.


Try Chef Mickey’s if you want to see Mickey and Minnie.


It’s been a while since we ate at Beach Club’s Cape May Cafe character breakfast, but Minnie used to be there. I’ll bet she still is. That’s the resort character breakfast that I would most recommend. :happy:


We really liked Cape May for breakfast as well!!! We are trying dinner there this trip though


Our flight is not until 17.55. I don’t know how long the transfer takes from OKW resort, but I guess we’d have to check in by around 15.45 ish. So we certainly have a long morning. I thought we might finish up at Animal Kingdom for a quick lunch at Rainforest Cafe which I know is outside the resort so again we wouldn’t need tickets. We’d need an early breakfast so we’d be hungry again by lunch I know!! I can almost feel the pounds piling on from here. Not sure what we do with our bags once we’ve had to check out of OKW after breakfast too. All a bit fuzzy with the details just yet.


Bell services will hold your bags. Just call them when you are ready to check out and pick them up when you are ready to leave disney.


OK, thanks.
So now it looks like its a toss up between Cape May & Chef Mickey’s. Which one’s best?


I don’t know about international flights, but if you are taking ME back to the airport, you will leave disney about 3 hours before flight time on a domestic flight. Can any give the details for ME with international flights?

I’m only speaking for me, but I would not be wanting to spend hours on disney transportation my last day at disney. If you are staying at OKW and say you eat at Chef Mickeys. You have to take a bus to MK and then walk or take monorail to Chef Mickey. After the meal, get back to a park and then a bus to AK to eat at rain forest. After eating, taking a bus back to OKW. If everything worked great, it would still take a few hours of travel time. What if you got into one of those " I waited 25 min for a bus to turn up" things?

I don’t know how valid this site is, but it gives you some idea of travel times.

OLP: Transportation Wizard – Our Laughing Place home of OLPTravel

I don’t want to dash your plans, but just remember if you go with a running around plan and do run late, you can always grab a cab to get back to your hotel. Sure it will cost, but better than freaking out about missing ME and your flight.

Just rereading my post, since you are at a hotel for the breakfast, you can get a bus right to AK. You don’t need to to back to a park and then a bus to AK. Still running around but one less step.


Yes, I always forget how far away OKW is from everything.
You’re right, we don’t want to be running from breakfast to dinner!
We’ll prob give Rainforest Cafe a miss and stick with characters on last morning.
After all, we can do Rainforest anywhere eh?
I want to leave thinking Disney. Thanks for that tip.


If you are flying with Virgin you can check your bags in on the morning of departure down at Downtown Disney just by Cirque du Soleil. By doing early check in, you are able to turn up at the airport later than the required 3 hours security time, as your bags will have already been screened and all you will have is your carry on. It costs $10.00 per person, and all your party must be present at the check in desk at DTD-

As for breakfast Ohana is really great and the Poly is a fabulous resort to walk around after if you need to kill some time pre flight, and also Chef Mickeys is great fun too, good buffet and good characters.

Just a thought- if you already have your booking reference/ticket numbers with Virgin, you can log on to the Virgin Atlantic site, take a look where they’ve seated you, and move those seats yourself if you want to ( say into the bulkhead where there is more leg room) also you can pre order any dietary requirement meals if you need to- and you can also do this for the return flight too before you leave the UK. You can check in on line the day before (24hrs) before you leave the UK which always saves time at the airport too.


[QUOTE=Lindat;1066847]OK, thanks.
So now it looks like its a toss up between Cape May & Chef Mickey’s. Which one’s best?[/QUOTE]

I like both. I think Chef Mickey’s has more characters. I’m sure someone here has the details.


We always do a character breakfast on the last day so I think it’s a great idea! :laugh: I take it you will have used all 14 days of your Park Hopper? Like others have said, there are options outside of the parks for character meals. We’ve done Chef Mickey’s and 1900 Park Fare. We’ll be doing 1900 Park Fare again this year, it was wonderful!


Tusker House is buried deep inside Animal Kingdom and you will not be allowed into the park without a ticket, no way no how. And for whatever the reason, Tusker House has become one of the hardest breakfast reservations to get (at least for me).
If you want to go to a character breakfast without having a park ticket, you’re going to have to go with Chef Mickey’s, 1900 Park Fare, or Cape May Cafe, or without characters there’s always Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

By the way, Chef Mickey’s is extremely hard to get because of the characters and the closeness to MK. There is also 'Ohana, but I really don’t care for their menu though others love it (or used to until they started playing with the menu). Cape May at Beach Club is easier to get and they have Goofy, Donald, Pluto, and Minnie.


I have done the Park Fare character breakfast and it was one of the best I have ever had. I would like to try the O’hana one. Good luck with whatever you decide :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Lindat;1066847]OK, thanks.
So now it looks like its a toss up between Cape May & Chef Mickey’s. Which one’s best?[/QUOTE]
I’ve done both, and my vote is for Cape May. :happy: