Character Breakfast - The Best Place?


Which restuarant has the best character breakfast and Why?

Taking my 5 year old DS for the first time (that he remembers). I enjoyed the Goofy Kitchen Character Breakfast at DL but not sure of WDW. (My 14 yr old DS enjoyed PBJ Pizza and would like to have it again)



I’d say Crystal Palace in MK for a 5 yr old. The Pooh characters are great for any age, but especially for little ones. The food is excellent there too.


I agree with Crystal Palace if your kids like Pooh characters. The buffet is good, too!


Our favorite for breakfast is Chef Mickeys!


Crystal Palace is our own favorite so far but we’ve not seen Chef Mickey’s yet.



Chef Mickey’s was a lot of fun, and of course 'Ohana! At 'Ohana, they have all the children (and some adults!) join in a parade through the restaurant! Everyone is given marracas to use and the characters are dressed in their “island casual” wear!


I would say Chef Mickey’s. Everyone no matter what the age loves the man himself, Mickey! Oh and the food was good also.


I can only say Ohana I’m afraid but that is because we have only done the character dinners at the other places.
I will definately be trying Chef Mickey and Crystal Palace though on my next Vacation. I hve heard they are both fab.
…I have also just read back my post and realised that I actually hav’nt helped you at all! Sorry :laugh:


So glad to hear that…we have ADR’s for CP this trip and are really looking forward to it!


We just had a great character breakfast at the GF’s 1900 Park Fare. Pooh, Tigger, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins. My 2 year old DS and 6 year old DD loved it. Food was excellent.

We loved Goofy’s Kitchen too! I’d say the closest thing at WDW to Goofy’s Kitchen (as far as characters go) would be Chef Mickey’s. But I don’t think they have the PBJ pizza.


I vote for Chef Mickeys or Crystal Palace.


Chef Mickey has the best all you can eat buffet!!!


I’d go with Chef Mickey’s.
I know my now 5 year old would be more into the party atmosphere there.


My top votes are Crystal Palace and Chef Mickey’s. Chef Mickey’s is probably the closest to Goofy’s Kitchen, perhaps even the east coast version. 1900’s Park Fare has a good menu, but face actors are sometimes harder to deal with than those in full costume. The Chip and Dale breakfast at Cape May Cafe down in the Beach Club is also ok. Other people don’t seem to care for Donald’s Breakfastosaurus, but I do, and that can get you inside Animal Kingdom early as well. I’ll pass on O’hana for menu and “family” style service. Don’t overlook the Toy Story/Incredibles breakfast that is due to be rolled out very soon at Hollywood andVine in Disney-MGM studios.


Chef Mickey’s.

Welcome to DC.


Chef Mickey’s :mickey:


I’ve got:

6 Crystal Palace
9 Chef Mickey
2 Ohana
1 1900 Park Fare

Thanks a bunch!


I’ve only tried CP and CRT for character breakfast and they’re both great!


If your DS likes the Pooh characters, I would say Crystal Palace. That is a must for us because DD and I LOVE the Pooh characters. Chef Mickeys is another great place for breakfast especially if you are wanting to meet the main Disney characters–Mickey and the gang. Donald’s Breakfastosaurus in the AK become one of DH’s favorite places on our last trip. We had an awesome waiter who made the experience great and the characters were really attentive to the kids. If you would like to get into AK early one morning, this might be a good idea. Then, I must say that I am looking forward to the new Toy Story character breakfast at MGM. DS is starting to outgrow the Toy Story characters, so we will just have to wait and see if he would still like to have breakfast with them. Can you tell that we love going to the character meals. We usually do one a day. Good luck making your choice


Of the 3 cm’s I’ve been two 1900 Park Fare and Breakfastosaurus were the best. Chef Mickeys wasnt that great but we were too late and the food was left overs.
I had a great time at both 1900 PF and DBS, that we usually make them usual stops. This year we’re gonna try chef mickeys and ohanas for breakfast and see how that goes. Definately if you’re going to go to AK eat at breakfastosaurus, you get in the park earlier!