Character Connection at EPCOT


When we last visited EPCOT this past Dec there was a section in Innovations West that was called Character Connection - we went in and there tons of characters to have our photos with. We are planning another trip and I can’t seem to find any site that makesa reference to the Character Connection. Anyone know if this is still open in EPCOT? :confused: Putting together my plan for our next trip and we definately plan to visit the Character Connection if it is still open.

Please and thank you!


Oh I hope it’s still there for you!! We were there in March and it was there. The kids loved it. The lines were not long at all, it was done in an orderly fashion…going from character to character. They had alot of interaction with the characters too.


It’s definitely still open. Sadly that’s one of the only locations I’ve yet to work at. Also, don’t forget about the numerous characters around the World Showcase.


Where is Character Connection located, anyway? :happy:


…does anyone know? :laugh:


It’s funny you mention that Matt. When we were in Epcot in September, the only characters we found (outside of Akershus bkfast) was Alice, who was in the UK. This year, I’ll have to look harder in all of EPCOT, as I hadn’t really seen anyone last year.

This spot at innovations looks great!


AND…can someone tell me where this is? :laugh:


OK OK OK!!! lol I’m here guys!!! In Future World! Make a right when you get to Spaceship Earth, follow the path to the intersection where The Land is on the right, and Character Connection is on the left. Should be a BIG sign with a Mickey hand on it saying CHARACTER CONNECTION. Go through the sliding glass doors and you’re there!


It was there in February!!! And it was deserted, too! Even though there is a HUGE sign over the door, people with kids were just waltzing by! We went inside and had the characters all to ourselves! It was so amazing that DD and I even went outside and told some people walking by that the characters were all in there waiting… of course the people thought we were crazy and they ignored us!!!

Anyway – you will see the classic 5 characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto), plus Pinocchio, Jafar, Mary Poppins and more.

The official Disney photographers are inside, so you should take your PhotoPass card with you, or get a new card when you arrive. The photos turn out so well! How come those people never have problems with their flash, exposure, focus or composition???

You will see the entrance as you walk from the fountains through the breezeway of Innoventions toward Soarin’… does that make sense? The doors sort of face the Pin Station.

If you have little kids who don’t want to wait in line for pics with the characters, this is a must-do!!!


I love the Character Connection. I have found that in the World Showcase the characters are inside not outside. The Beast is the only one that I have ever seen outside. Dont know if the time of year makes a difference but we are there in October and Feburary.


When we were there in May we found the character connection and we were almost the only ones there. It was so cool, we had as much time with the characters as we wanted. There was also a PhotoPass CM there to take pictures.


Hey Guys, thanks so much for the help! On the one hand it really seems odd that there is not more information out there about it. You would think that Disney would want people to know about it. On the other hand, when we were there, it was very slow and we had almost no waiting to get to the characters. We really loved that! So I guess I am torn between shouting it to the world, I want everyone to have over the top experiences when they visit WDW, but then I really don’t want to wait in a huge line either! :confused:
Thanks again - I can’t wait to return! :laugh:


oh how cool! Like you Alicefan I never knew this place existed…nor where it was! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I am definitely going to check this out on my trip in August. It will be my godson’s first trip to WDW and I can’t wait for him to meet all the characters!

Does anyone know if they are still doing the free photo with your Disney Visa on the other side of Innoventions? We did that last time and it was great!


Yes, I believe you can still get the free photo with your VISA card. It looks liekthere is no one there but if you wait a few minutes someone will come out from behind the curtain.


Wow, this sounds really cool! I’ll have to keep a mental note of this for December!


We had a wondeful experience at Character Connection last December. DD was eating a snack of a Little Debbie Nutty Bar when we walked in. DS was meeting the characters when Captain Hook came up to DD and stole her half eaten Nutty Bar. Goofy came over and rescued her Nuttty Bar and returned it to her while getting onto Captain Hook. It was so cute. I wished that I had a video camera with me to capture it, but I didn’t.


Thanks Rowdy!!! You are the best! Those are great directions. :happy:


As a matter of fact it really does depend on the time of the year and the weather. You can’t just expect to always find the characters on the street guys. You’ve to look sometimes. When at the world showcase check every corner of every country. You never know who you’ll find.


Very interesting tip! Can you ask guest services at the parks where you can find a character?