Character dining for Adults?


Is it stupid of me to want to attend a character meal by myself (isn’t that sad?) I am going solo next 1-10 Dec.


I don’t think there is anything stupid about it. Which restaurant were you thinking about? I was in WDW solo for 2 days, I didn’t do a character meal but I never really felt uncomfortable anywhere. CMs went out of their way to be really nice & friendly and dining alone was never really a problem.


Stupid or not, it’s my favorite part! I love going and have gone to many without kids. We went to a few on our honeymoon trip and loved it. Then we just went, 4 ladies loose at Disney and had a blast! The charecters still love the adults too. We were able to celebrate a birthday there too and they were so cute with my Mom, the birthday girl! Do it, is the only thing I can say! You wont be the only ones either.


[QUOTE=LuvSnowWhite;882083]Is it stupid of me to want to attend a character meal by myself (isn’t that sad?) I am going solo next 1-10 Dec.

No it’s not sutpid…All aspects of WDW are for kids and for kids at heart. When DH and I went in August, without the kids, we ate at LTT. All the characters came by our table, we have some great photos! Go and enjoy yourself.


No it’s not stupid. I would definitly go to a character meal by myself. Pick your favorite character and place and make that ADR.


I’m with everybody else… I don’t think it is stupid at all! I’d go, if only to get the characters all to myself for a few seconds! Which characters are your favorite? Mine are by far the Pooh gang, so I would go to CP… pick your favorites and have a ball!


Thanks you guys! I knew you’d understand. I will be going alone and I took my nephew in 2006 and we went to Epcot lunch the one that goes in a circle, can’t think of the name and we saw Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale and Goofy. It was awesome. I think I had more fun than my nephew. This time I want to see Pooh and friends.


Dh and I will be doing our 2nd character meal during out next trip. We like to go to watch the kids. the characters also had fun with us the last time we went.


We love the chacacter meals! It is so much fun watching the kids reactions to the characters. Can’t wait to take the grandkids in a couple years!


We do character meals all the time and multiple times during any visit. We are an adult couple. Many times we have been at a character meal and one of us has to head to the rest room for relief or the buffet for a refill, leaving the other at the table alone when a character comes to visit.
After the first character comes by, you won’t feel strange anymore.


[QUOTE=LuvSnowWhite;882083]Is it stupid of me to want to attend a character meal by myself (isn’t that sad?) I am going solo next 1-10 Dec.

There’s nothing stupid or sad about that. Disney is for every age and one must eat, why not do it in Disney style? :wink:
I would definitely go to the Crystal Palace.

You go and have fun. Remembering how much fun Wish had on her solo trip, one could almost wish to be on a solo trip. That way there are no disagreements on what to do next…


My mom used to visit me when I was a CM and she would go in the parks while I was at work - she loved it! She never did a character meal but she did go to several other restaurants and she still mentions how nice everyone was. She especially loved how the ppl at LeCellier made her feel like “a queen” - her words not mine!