Character dinners, breakfasts


Ok, this is another elementary question (This is good though because I am an elementary principal!): How does one go about scheduling a character dinner or breakfast? :peterpan: I mean I took advantage of the fact that we could call in and book our meals 180 days in advance. I am just wandering now if our 8 and 6 year old would like at least one character meal. Any suggestions? Once again I still am in Disney 101. Thanks in advance!:AK:


call 1407 wdw dine. Just tell them where you want to eat and when. Do you want a list of character meals? There are tons! A great place to look for info (it even has mens) is This website is a great resource… does that help?


I think your kids (and you) will love the character dining. I have a soon to be 8 yr old son and a 6 1/2 year old daughter that love Chef Mickeys.


Character meals are booked the same as other WDW restaurants. When you call WDW dining, you can cancel one reservation (ADR) for another.

Now, you didn’t say which character meal you are interested in. If you have boys (or a mix), my personal favorite is Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort a short monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom. Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, & Pluto are always there. Goofy & Donald switch off between breakfast and dinner.

If you have girls who want princesses, I would recommend the Princess Breakfast at Epcot (in the Norway pavilion).

If Lilo & Stitch are your favorite characters, Ohana has them at breakfast (I have not done this meal, as I LOVE Ohana for dinner.).


Character meals are the best for getting one-on-one interaction with the characters. When you stand in line in the parks, you get time for a snapshot, and then it’s off to the next person in line. At a meal, the characters often spend more time with the kids. Even the “head” characters that don’t speak can do things to communicate. My DD5 loves meeting the characters at meals because of this. She talks about how so-and-so came up to our table and what they did, etc. I highly recommend at least 1 character meal while you are at WDW. Chef Mickey’s is great at breakfast, tons of fun, and you have the main ones there. Enjoy your trip and let us know what you decide!


Sounds like a winner! Thanks!


Here’s another hint. Our family generally doesn’t do big breakfasts. So…we book Chef Mickey’s for the last available seating of the day (11:30a.m.). We head over to MK at opening and take in a lot of attractions while crowds are light (We can usually do all of FantasyLand with little/no lines in the morning.). Around 11:00a.m. MK starts to fill up and lines get longer. So we head over to Chef Mickey’s and have our early “lunch.” Then we hop over to another park in the afternoon.


Ok, but is there always a character at Chef Mickey’s? I mean we have dinner reservations at Chef Mickey’s one night. Is there always a character at dinner every night??? Thanks for the great info!


yes there is usually Mickey Minnie Pluto are there …


Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip 'n Dale are always there.

Donald is at dinner. Goofy is at dinner.

Occasionally, we’ve seen other characters there as well.



My wife is a HUGE Tigger fan! I would love to surprise her with a dinner w/Tigger. Where can we find him???


Crystal palace at MK had the winnie the pooh and tigger too characters I love love love the breakfast here … ( they have a very sweet breakfast lasagna ) … I also love dinner there … Great salmon and brocolli there …


Tigger & his 100 Acre Wood friends are only at the Crystal Palace in WDW. Good food. Nice atmosphere. I didn’t recommend it thinking your kids were too old for Pooh & pals.


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Good information. Thanks!:goofy:


I’ll chime in on the Crystal Palace palace ADR by suggesting an early morning reservation for early entry into Magic Kingdom for breakfast with Tigger!!! Its one of our favorite things to do every trip. Plus, we love walking into an empty park for great photo opp in front of the castle before our breakfast. By the time we are done, the rest of the folks are just coming in.:happy:


This will help you a lot. Character Dining Locations


I pretty much don’t bother with characters in the parks.
I get all my characters in air conditioned comfort, and seated!
All of the character meals are pretty good and are a good value for your money.