Character Interaction Secrets?


I read on Pinterest, that if you yell “Andy’s coming” in front of Woody and Jessie, they’ll fall down. Is this true? Have you tried it?

Are there any other character secrets like this that I should know about? I have a DD who will be 6 at the time of our next trip.


Apparently it was true at one time, but no longer is.


I was just going to chime in to say the same thing, Andrea.

It’s not allowed any more. I am sure there is good reason for it, like people yelling is randomly and often…


I would think its kind of hard for the characters in their outfits to suddenly fall down and then have to get up again…with their limited visibility…


But what a cool pic it made lol.


I have been talking to some alumni about my upcoming summer at WDW and everyone wanted to add this to their bucket list!
They can’t do this anymore for the safety of the characters having to get up and down like that, it also cuts into the interaction time children have. If everyone started doing this then the lines would get longer and longer and they’d have to start cutting interaction times shorter.
this is just information I have gotten from former character performers and attendants