Character lineups at Disneyland's character meals


Does anyone know the character lineups for Disneyland Resort’s character meals? Unlike WDW’s character meals, which have specific lists of characters for each meal (in books such as the official and unofficial guides, and online in sites such as, character lineups for Disneyland’s character meals are rarely (if ever) listed anywhere. For example, Goofy’s Kitchen is usually listed as “Goofy & friends”, and Plaza Inn’s character breakfast is almost always listed as “Princesses”.

Here are the character meals I can think of now at Disneyland resort, to the best of my knowledge:

Goofy’s Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (Disneyland Hotel)

Plaza Inn: Breakfast (Disneyland park)

Ariel’s Grotto: Lunch, Dinner (Disney’s California Adventure)

Storyteller’s Cafe: Breakfast (Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel)

PCH Grill: Breakfast (Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel)

Not sure if Disneyland Resort has character meals off property, such as the character meals at the Swan and Dolphin, Grosvenor, Wyndham Palace, and the Hilton near Walt Disney World.


Let me fill you in with what I saw last month at the different character meals…

Goofy’s Kitchen of course revolved around chef Goofy and he would have visits from other pals…

The Plaza Inn breakfast featured Minnie Mouse and a cast of friends that seemed to vary from day to day…

Ariel’s Grotto featured Mickey in his ship captain attire. I think I also saw Minnie, Pluto and Donald at different times and they were all wearing sailor-ish outfits (a sailor suit is nothing new for Donald though)…

I saw Chip and Dale at the Storyteller’s Cafe for breakfast. I also saw the smart alecky Rosie voiced ape from Tarzan there too (what is that ape’s name?)…

PCH Grill has Lilo and Stitch and occasionally I saw Minnie there too. I could swear that they were there at times other than breakfast too, but it may have been near lunch time…

And I know I am forgetting some of the characters who made cameos that I witnessed, but I hope that helps! :wink:


It seems that Disneyland Resort’s character meals are considerable more random in their character lineups than WDW’s charater meals. Anyone else take notice of this before? :wink:


Turk :laugh:


Yep, I have!

I went to make Character meal ressies for our last DL trip (in August 2005) and I was told by the CM that the meals were going to be changing, but he didnt’ know when (this was in April, maybe??). I had to keep calling back until I finally got a CM-Stephanie- that offered to call me back when she knew what would be happening when I would be there. She did call me :mickey: but I wasn’t thrilled with the Princess breakfast option. It was at the Plaza Rest (that was great), but the Princesses would be outside waiting in a roped of area, not wandering around the meal :dry: I skipped it.

BUT Stephanie did tell me the Princesses would be going back to Ariel’s Grotto, so I was surprised to read the Goofdaddy’s post that Mickey was still there. I was told by the first CM that the meals would be changed because it made no sence that Mickey was at Ariel’s place, and that he had no place of his own, afterall, it all started with him, lol.

My suggestion is to call DL ressies and ask about your dates just to be sure :mickey:


In Ariel’s grotto new Princess meal I heard Ariel is there in her pink dress - with LEGS! not a flipper. Anyone know if this is true? I would LOVE to see Ariel walking around!

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