Character Meal Question- Help please!


Hi everyone! I’m a newbie but now HOOKED on MouseBuzz- I have found so much helpful info here & tips that have saved my family time & money so thanks a bunch!! You guys really know your stuff!! :wub:
We’re planning our 3rd trip to Disney for 9/16-9/21 at Pop. We’ve come the past 2 years (pop & ***) during Free Dining - who can pass that up?! But as the children get older we weren’t comfortable taking them out of school for a full week again this year so we’re going to try to cram in as much of this Disney things we love in just a few days, which brings me to my question ~ we try to do 1 character meal a day for our sit-down meal but since we really only have Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun this time I’m hoping you guys can give me some feedback on what you think are the BEST, CAN’T MISS character meals. Thanks for your help!


I would say for breakfast Crystal Palace in the MK has the best meal. I love the characters and the food is really good.


Thanks! We’ve had dinner at Crystal Palace (I think it was Pooh & Friends) but glad to hear the breakfast is good too. Any ideas about the breakfast or lunch in Cinderella Castle? My youngest diva would NOT be happy without at least one meal in the Castle!


I second CP. I love having early ADRs before the park opens because this allows you to enter the park before anyone else and gives great phot opps down main street with just your family.
I can’t help you on CRT, we have never eaten there-i have boys who are not into Cindy or the other princess.
Good luck and welcome to mousebuzz.


We love Crystal Palace, but are getting tired of the Pooh characters. My new favorite is 1900 Park Faire at the Grand Floridian with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Wicked Stepmother and the two stepsisters. They are SOOO funny! We have had lots of laughs with them the past few trips. And the dinner there is top notch.


Welcome to MB. Ill be at POP the same time 9-11 to 9-20. I say try Ohanas for breakfast. I love that Lilo and Stitch are there.


We love Crystal Palace and Cape May Grill for breakfast. We have also had dinner at the castle. The castle food is just okay, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it…after all, you’re eating in a CASTLE. I think our favorite is CP because we love the Winnie the Pooh characters; when we were there in October we found the characters at CP to be more interactive with the grandkids than anywhere else.


I always love Chef Mickey @ the Contemporary! But i def agree that the CP and 1900 Park Fare are AMAZING also


Our favorite character meals are Garden Grill, Crystal Palace, Ohana for breakfast, and we just discovered Cape May Buffet which was wonderful as well.


Welcome to MB! We tried the new breakfast at the Animal KNigdom and it was pretty great. Good food and great interaction w/the gang.


If you want to see all or most of the princesses at one sitting Akershus in Epcot is the place. The food is really good and the interaction with the princesses is great. We really liked Cinderella’s Royal table too! There is nothing like eating in the castle and meeting Cinderella herself. Chef Mickeys is a really really good character breakfast; lots of fun.


We love O’Hana’s and Chef Mickeys, but this year we are trying 1900 Park Fare. We also love Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner…they used to have characters there but who knows if they come back for your trip. We are going again regardless, because it is nice break from all the rich food…some good ole southern food.


Hi and welcome to MB

We love CP for breakfast and would recommend it to anyone
also because of all the Buzz on her we are looking forward to 1900 park fare at GF.

hope you enjoy your vacation–:heart: