Character Meet and Greet Questions


Hi all,

I know that Prince Caspian is doing meet and greets now. Does anyone know how long he’ll be out? I’m hoping to see him when I go in August. Also is he over by the old Narnia (soon to be new Caspian) exhibit?

Secondly, does anyone know if the new Power Ranger Jungle Fury characters are out? They’re the one that look like they have tiger and cheetah markings on their costumes.



When we met Prince Caspian there, it was in between Toy Story Midway Mania and Walt Disney’s One Man’s Dream.


Finally! Questions perfect for me!!! Right now, we’re testing Prince Caspian for the summer. I believe through July. It all really depends on the demand for the character. If he’s not asked for enough, after the testing he probably won’t be around.

And yes, the Blue Jungle Fury Ranger has come to the Studios. He joins four others from the most recent generations of Rangers: Yellow from Operation Overdrive, Pink from Mystic Force, Red from SPD, and White from Dino Thunder. Next year we’ll have a new ranger and the Dino Thunder will be gone.