Character Outlet Store


I went to the outlet mall here in Katy today and was pleasantly surprised to find a character outlet store there. The kids and I spent about an hour looking around. It wasn’t as nice as the ones in the oultet malls in Orlando, but we had a lot of fun trying on the different hats and looking around. Most of the stuff was from Disney Land, but there were a few things from Disney World. I also find a shirt that I paid 32 dollars for at the Contemporary. It was only 18 dollars at the Outlet Store. I will definitely have to stop in there periodically to pick up some more Disney clothes. My students think I am a real Disney freak since I wear something Disney a couple times a week. Anywasy, just thought I would share my excitement with yall.


Very cool! It’s so much fun to find little treasures like that in your own backyard!


LUCKY!!! That is so cool! I had no idea Disney did outlet stores ever, thats great!


Just wait till you get here, the same store as the OP is talking about is within walking distance of the apts they put you up in.


Awesome! I wish our local Disney store still had some magic left in it. :frown:


Sweet… It’s always fun to look around,buy etc


Aren’t these the greatest? I went TDY (military business trip) to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO a couple years ago. I was the senior member on my team so I had the rental car. I had to drive to Denver to pick up another Air Force member and I saw a GREAT BIG Disney banner on the wall of an outlet mall. Well, after picking up the other person and heading back down towards Colorado Springs I asked them if they would mind stopping off there first. It was awesome. Because it was out on the West Coast it was all DL stuff, but it was still cool. I remember I bought JD a DL t-shirt and I got a few magnets… But it really struck me as weird that they would have a Character store filled with Disney park merch…


Was the store called Character premiere if it was we have one in South florida at the Sawgrass mills mall its awesome I love going in there before a trip and buy disney shirts so I tend to not buy as much at Disney


Character Premiere is Exit 68 on I-4 in the outlet mall right next to Mary Queen of the Universe Church. My latest great buy there was a Mickey Mouse club towel for 10 bucks.


There is a Character Outlet at our local outlet mall. We ALWAYS have to take a peek!


I agree! I also wish the Disney Stores carried more adult items! I stopped there lastnight and there was a half of a table of adult items, that was it. :mickey:


There is a mall about ten minutes from my house thta has a Diseny Store. We went there and were completely disappointed. Even my kids did not want to stay very long in there, but we had a ball looking around the Character Outlet Store at our outlet mall. I wish there was more Disney World stuff, but I saw alot of the same stuff that was being sold at WDW with the only difference being that it said Disney Land on the t shirts and sweatshirts. I am thinking of going back there this week. They had light up goofy jester hats for $5. I know that DS would get a kick out of wearing it on our next trip. They also had lanyards for $2 and I am thinking of picking up 2 for my classroom to hold the keys for the restroom that the students use. THey already laugh at the amount of Disney clothes and purses I own, so I figure they would get a kick out of having the bathroom key on a Disney lanyard.