Character website


I remember a few years ago looking at a website that listed where characters were and such.
any help?



I have used this in the past. Walt Disney World - Disney World Vacation Information Guide - INTERCOT - Walt Disney World Inside & Out - Info Central


Guys, you CAN’T trust character websites. Our entertainment offerings are CONSTANTLY changing and evolving. Many characters at MK will NOT be in the same location in 2 months once Fantasyland tests/soft openings start happening.

They might be a good indicator of you can find at the parks, but as far as actually finding the characters you’re looking for, you are much better off by just seeking out the first character attendant you see at the park you’re going to, ask where ______ is, and go from there. They’ll even tell you if they’re absent from the park that day.


if you are heading over to WDW in the next month I can probably tell you where most are as I have only just been there and we met loads. Either that or when you get there go to the Information point/guest services immediately in each of the parks and they will tell you…or…on each parks information leaflet it will tell you also along with rough timings.


I agree with Rowdy. Only use that site for a general idea. They swap out a lot and CM’s are your best source for who is where.


This a great piece of information.

I don’t want to thread jack but does anyone know when / how often the waiter and chef preform the chair act in the France pavilion ?