Characters back at Liberty Tree Tavern?!?


It looks pretty much like a done deal!

Jim Hill : Food for Thought : Universal’s BK WHOPPER Bar opens, “Ratatouille” animatronic arrives at Epcot and Character Dining returns to the Liberty Tree Tavern



Le Chefs de France will definately be on our “hit-list” for next year!!

Great to Disney listening to the people and bringing back the characters to LTT! Hopefully that brings in some more revenue!


has anyone been to chef’s and seen the remi animatronic? we are going to be there in april…


Cool! I just made a ressie here for Mother’s Day! I hope we get to see Remy!


I hope this is true! I LOVE doing the character dinner at LTT & was SO dissapointed when I heard it was going.


Oh darn, I mis-read the article…I thought Remy was going to START appearing on Sept 10th, but it ENDS Sept.10th…so much for that!


woooo-hooooo!!! :o)

LTT is our FAVE, would have gone w/o the characters…but glad that they are going to be returning!


im sorry but remy looks too mcuh like what he is … if i was in france and saw some waiter walking around with a rat on a tray they would hear me in the real france. Im glad the character are coming back to ltt …


Wow that is great news for the LTT. I never understood the thinking behind taking away characters :blink:

Gee, I would love to see little Remy.


I am happy to hear that they are bringing the characters back…they shouldnt have ever left in the first place. I hope this help bring the people back to the restaurant.


Doubly good news!!


OMGosh, this is too cute. Take a look at the video about half way down the page!!

Rat Spotted in Epcot Restaurant - Guests Scream… In Delight! |


That’s wonderful news, I’m glad Disney listened to us.


I’ve never eaten at LTT, but I have to admit that the characters being gone made me lose almost all interest in trying it.

I’m so glad they’re bringing them back!


Happy to hear the characters are back at LTT.I will not tell the family untill after our upcoming trip.I must try CRT.


[QUOTE=Dopey;943938]OMGosh, this is too cute. Take a look at the video about half way down the page!!

Rat Spotted in Epcot Restaurant - Guests Scream… In Delight! |[/QUOTE]

Just thought I should post this link again! :blush:


Awesome! I knew they’d eventually bring the characters back to LTT… didn’t know it would be this soon. (And I had a feeling that the lack of characters would result in low attendance… we’ve walked into lunch at LTT several times, but dinner is always packed.)

And little Remy looks so cute!!!


Sounds exciting!!!


Excellent news about the characters. They really made the dinner, the food is average, but the character interaction made the meal special.

I :wub: Remy, but have never eaten at Le Chef’s France. Maybe we’ll have to try it.


Heehee…Remy!:wub: I think he is cute!! And…I am very happy that the characters will be staying at LTT!!!