Characters back at Liberty Tree Tavern!


Starting 1/3/2010 LTT will be a character meal for breakfast,lunch and dinner!:wub: Not sure of the menu but it will be “family style”.


That is WONDERFUL news!!


Well, THANK GOODNESS!!! SEE, when enough people protest something like this, at least they listen.


Is that forever or just because CP is going to be closed for a rehab?


I read on dis this is just temporary while CP is closed. Wondering what menu will be for lunch and breakfast? Also wondering how difficult it will be to get in as it seems as though people were having a difficult time getting adrs before this announcement. I will be making my adrs next week!


The is awesome news…


YAY We spoke Disney listened . . . :heart: that!


yea!! this makes my day! was hoping it would change back…we will be there the 1st week of Feb…we love LTT! :slight_smile:


That is great news! I hope it stays around after the CP rehab.


I hope it stays as this is one of my favs for dinner. one can wish that it will stay.


Yay!! I’ve never eaten here, but I always wanted to: until they took the characters away. Now it’s back on my “must go” list!


Very cool! I hope they decide to keep it on after CP is finished with refurb! We loved playing with the characters at LTT!!


Glad they have brought back the characters even if it is just temporary


Oh boy! I hope they make it a permanent change!


I was lucky enough to experience LTT when the characters were still there back in Jan 2008.
We just loved both the characters and the food. In fact we have ADR for our trip in Dec even though there are no characters because we love the food and the surroundings so much.

It would be really great if Disney keeps the character even after CP opens again.


That’s good news, I hope Disney keeps the characters after LTT reopens.


That is great news! Too bad they won’t have the characters there when we are there at Christmas. We loved the character interaction there!


Is breakfast served at LTT now, or is that starting in January also?