Characters In Flight – Grand Opening Today! (April 12)


Characters In Flight – Grand Opening

A new attraction opened today (April 12, 2009) at the Downtown Disney Westside. “Characters In Flight” is a tethered helium filled balloon that takes guests 400 feet above Disney World for a breathtaking view of the property. Prices are $16 for adults and $10 for children ages 3-9.

GREAT PICTURES ON ALLEARS.NET: Characters In Flight ? Grand Opening (The ?World? According to Jack)


Wow! That looks like so much fun! Thanks for the link!!


I’ve got to try this once. Will be at Disney a week from tomorrow. Will let everyone know how it was when I get back!


I already confirmed with my Dad, he said he’d go with me . . . we’re going Mother’s Day weekend . . . can’t wait! :happy:


Thanks for posting this, I had no idea this was an option this year.

I am afraid of heights but I bet my DH and DS will LOVE to do this;)


We are going in June and we are so going… i’ll drag my family by the hair if I have to ;).


Great pictures Thanks for the update. My DW is really looking forward to it when she is there in Dec.


Here’s a picture I took on April 10th. I sooooo wanted to do this!! :crying:


And here’s what it looked like on April 12th . . . from the Magical Express bus on the way to the airport . . . :crying::pinch:


Oh my gosh that looks amazing! I am not a great one for heights either but I think this is a one time thing to experience at least! The views will be astounding.


This looks awesome! The view must be totaly breath taking, if it’s round long enough I’d love to check this out.


This looks so cool. I imagine it wil be packed for a while until the newness wears off.


I was so excited that we got to see it in “test flight” stages. It sounds like a pretty short ride, but still, I bet the view from the top must be outstanding!


I want to try it when we go in June.


Just wondering, what if the cable breaks and it gets loose? Now that would be a ride where you got your moneys worth.


Oh, now thats an interesting thought!


Allears has several great pictures of it.


This would be an interesting thing. The prices are reasonable too, I thought.