Characters kissing ! ? ! ?!



I was just wondering if anyone knows how they do this noise :heart: ?
Maybe RowdyrAider could help ? :confused: :confused:
Thanks !


You press your lips together and suck in air at the time as opening your mouth quickly. It makes a poping sound that sounds like a smootch from inside there. That’s my guess.


I hope someone knows the answer to this. My DD was so excited the first time she heard this. It’s the cutest thing.


Kissing !!!? Can’t wait to find Ariel !


he he !
Do you understand me ?
Some characters can make a kissing noise ! But i was wondering how ?


The “suited” characters, yes. As far as I know it’s the lip smacking method I described. It is indeed cute and my kids love getting “kisses” from Mickey and Minnie especially.


Goofy Daddy’s exactly right…the character helpers just purse their lips together and suck in air to make a popping sound. Actually, everybody does it differently. There’s a million ways to do it, you just make a kissy noise really loud.

When I helped Pooh, I would make a big “O” with my mouth and then pop my lips together really hard. Made a big popping noise…that’s about the only way that people could hear it and understand that Pooh was kissing them - not devouring their head! :laugh:


I heard that noise last week. Dale kissed my hand! :wub:


I don’t mind the kissing, but Pluto’s FRENCH kissing is a bit much. :pinch:

Jasmine’s on the other hand…:biggrin:


Hold on there, thong-boy, Jasmine is MY girl.:pirate: :laugh:


Just don’t make me kiss one of the Snow Whites. :blow:


And all this time I thought they were only kissing me… :crying:


DewdleBop - That’s just crazy talk!

Really, they’re just practicing so when I show up - they want it to be perfect for me. :wub:


If only we were that special… :wub:

And yeah, I think that it’s just a ‘lip-smack’ noise. I do that to my dog. :laugh:


lol DH is always bragging that Minnie only kisses him… I remember Aloha_stitch forgiving Gov. Ratcliff after he kissed her hand. she said he was not so bad after all. DH got very jealous when I was Kissed by Rafifiki. lol its a reall kiss people … sheesh


You guys can keep Jasmine…Belle is all mine though!:blush:


Nope if that happened the BEAST would attack !


:eek: True. Hhhhmmmm…I wonder if my pepper spray would work on him? :crying:


i wouldn’t mind french kissing from ariel or jasmine !!!


o this reminded me of the time 2 grown men were in line at Ariel’s grotto for pictures!!!