Characters: Who WON'T you see in Epcot?


I’ve not been sleeping well, so GUESS WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING.


I’m still working on my itin, and Day One is a bit more cleared up, so I have to wait for a few answers and then finalize it before it gets posted. Next day is Epcot. That’s a LOT easier, but I’m a big character hunter and I’ll have plenty of time for that. The websites I’ve seen list the major ones in each country (I don’t mean the ones on the Holiday Bus), but there are some discrepancies. I’m hoping some of you gurus can clear them up.

Let me give you some examples. We know that we can find Snow White in Germany, along with the Dwarves. Does the Evil Queen ever make an appearance?

Lemme make this simpler. I’ll list the countries, and the character GROUP that is supposed to be there (according to most sources), if I have some mistaken? Lemme know. If I’m missing a group? Lemme know. If there’s a character who IS on there or ISN’T on there… you get the idea.

(heck just gimme a list of who you have and haven’t seen at Epcot if this gets too confusing)



Snow White/Dwarves

Jiminy Cricket/Gideon/J. Worthington Foulfellow/Pinocchio/Geppetto

Chip ‘n’ Dale/Mickey/Minnie/Pluto
Governor Radcliff/Meeko


Cinderella/Suzy & Perla
Princess Aurora

United Kingdom:
Mary Poppins : I also heard she and Alice hold an impromptu pretend tea party in the United Kingdom?
Winnie the Pooh/Eeyore/Tigger/Piglet ( No Rabbit?)
Alice in Wonderland/Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee/Mad Hatter/Queen of Hearts
Wendy/Capt Hook/Peter Pan/Mr. Smee
Robin Hood/Prince John

Kenai & Koda

African Outpost:
Tarzan & Jane
Chip & Dale

…aaaaaand go.


I have only seen Rafiki, kenai, and koda…I have bad luck with characters in Epcot! :frowning:


OK. Aurora’s story originated in Norway, but now you will find her in France. The Musketeers, sadly, aren’t in France due to them being out to promote the movie. Tarzan and Jane mostly just hang at DAK. Pinocchio and the gang are ALL in Italy. Not in Germany. Hope this is a start.


Tarzan & Jane are out and about??? No way!!! I had no idea! I’ll be stalking Jane next trip… I love her! :laugh:

The only info I can add to your list is that I have never seen Rabbit. I don’t think he’s in the parks, but I could be wrong.


You know, I find this odd, but I always seem to find Gepetto and Rafiki in Japan. Go fig, huh?


do you see them on that holiday bus? i know geppeto is on the holiday bus sometimes and rafiki too. i ran into them in japan, as a matter of fact, but they were on the holiday bus.


I can’t remember whether or not they were on the tour bus, but I’m glad you’ve seen them there too - makes me feel less insane:wacko:


LOL Ya’ll are right. I forgot that the DCOH bus makes several stops at Epcot, including in Japan, and Pinnocchio and Gepetto and Rafiki are common to the bus. As far as others you won’t see, any of the Hercules characters for sure, and DEFINITELY not any character from The Black Cauldron (I still say “The Horned King” would be a great character for the kids to meet just once.)


This is a recurring theme, isn’t it Matt? :laugh:
Had some bad kids lately??

We have bad luck at Epcot, too. We’ve only seen Mulan. :sad:


I wouldn’t say that they’ve all been bad, snobby, bratty, disobedient, loud, obnoxious and otherwise a handful bunch of kids in dire need of goin out in the field and picking out a switch to get them legs tanned lately :whistling Yet I still love them all anyways. Go figure. :biggrin: Sides, for every bad egg, I find a great story, like the other day I came across a little 5 year old girl dressed in Belle’s royal yellow dress. Beautiful princess…if not for the fact she had that finger so far up her nose she was prolly touching her brain :laugh: :laugh: Man I LOVE MY JOB!!!


We saw so many characters in Epcot in January. It was great, cause usually we hardly see any.

Alladin was in Morocco and Belle and the Beast were in France. My biggest thrill was to see Mulan in China. I just love Mulan. And it seemed every time we turned around, that character bus was coming down the road.


If the story of Sleeping Beauty originated and took place in Norway, why was Aurora moved to France?

The Musketeers, sadly, aren’t in France due to them being out to promote the movie. Tarzan and Jane mostly just hang at DAK. Pinocchio and the gang are ALL in Italy. Not in Germany. Hope this is a start.

That’s a shame that The 3 Musketeers aren’t out any more. They really had some GREAT costumes! :frown:


The way kids behave, seems like their misbehavior gets worse and worse with each new generation! :mad:


You saw Mulan? Boy, you really lucked out, as rare as she is! :biggrin:


It’s a good thing!! :laugh:


Wow, I wouldn’t call that bad luck, I’ve been to Epcot a lot and NEVER seen Mulan. I’m jealous!


I’d hardly calle meeting Mulan back luck, especially as rare as she is! :biggrin: :wink:


:laugh: Sorry! I just mean, we don’t see hardly any characters there! Maybe this year will be different.

Man…you guys are picky! :laugh:


Hehehehe, some of us are just character buffs :flowers: :biggrin: :laugh:


I’m still on board with you about the Horned King.

But thansk for the info… I edited the post some, but I’m still not sure who I’ll see when.

Normally we’ve been pretty lucky. We haven’t seen the bus yet, but we’ve seen some of the characters around. But we were also lucky enough to do the Norway princess breakfast (hm, wonder why they don’t have the Three Caballeros in Mexico, or any characters in Norway?)