Is Dumbo anywhere in the parks to see other than the ride at Magic Kingdom? I mean can you meet him?

:mickey: :mickey:


I’ve never seen him :sad: :sad: I would be cool though.


I haven’t ever seen him either. I don’t ever recall hearing of anyone seeing him…in the parades perhaps…can’t remember if he’s on one of the floats in the Mk parade or not.


You can meet my sons, they’re pretty dumb.


And they got that from who?


Duh - their mother(s).


That’d be cool, but I don’t think Dumbo is a character you could meet. If you could I’d be sure to take my pic with him. Might even make it my avatar.


Do you think Dumbo would have extra CM handlers to help him carry his ears?


Actually, YES you can meet Dumbo. It’s an extremely rare occasion, but he’s a character that does once in a blue moon comes out to meet and greet. Since he is an elephant that has no fingers, paws, or opposable thumbs, he does not do autographs, but he does take pictures. If he’s anywhere, he’ll be beside his ride. Good question. Anymore characters ya’ll are looking for please ask me, as I help them daily and know all about who’s where and what.


That would be so cool to meet Dumbo…so is it just dumb luck to see him or could you find out during your trip if he would be around? :smile:

Thanks for all the info Rowdy. :smile:


Now, THAT is the most interesting thing I’ve read all day. Seriously. I mean it. I’m going to keep a look-out for him. (Are there any special times when he would appear? or is it just random?)


You’ve a better chance of shooting the wings off of a fly in mid-air 100 feet away. But, to quote Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?! Yes!” So yeah, it was just a VERY random day the last time Dumbo went out…but he was out, and he had a great time!


Rowdy, how often does this happen? I have never ever heard of Dumbo being out for meet and greets. He’s kinda like Tinkerbell. That is really interesting.


Like I said earlier, it hardly EVER happens. I’ve been with the company for nearly 2 years, and I’ve seen/heard it done ONCE. Just have to be at the right place AT EXACTLY the right time.


And no Mom, the attendants don’t help him. He’s a big elephant now. He handles himself…though when I saw him I couldn’t believe how big those ears were myself!


Great, just another reason to park my hiney at MK for the rest of my life…to meet Dumbo! That is just awesome. I wonder if we search the web enough if we can find a pic of him with somebody… off to search now.


hiccup! :pinch:


From an awesome website…here is a photo of dumbo and here is the whole website I love this site!


That is so cool. I know it’ll never happen, but I want to see Dumbo in Fantasyland so bad. That’s it, I’m on a mission. I will see the flying elephant at least once before I die.


GOOD LUCK ingamba! If you find Dumbo and get your picture wth him I will have to do the same in May… hmmm… maybe we should put a littel wager on this and see who succeeds… If you succeed you can have a MickeyBar on me… If I succeed you can pay for my MickeyBar!

Cool I love a Challenge!