Charge for dining reservation


Does Disney charge a fee for ALL ADR’s.
Just made an ADR for Grand Floridian Cafe tonite. Love their Cobb salads.
Didn’t see ANYTHING about any fee… like I have in the past for some signature spots like CA Grill, etc.
My card is part of my registration at the site…
I would hope that Disney would “notify” you at the time of the reservation that they were going to charge your card if you didn’t show… Not that we plan on NOT showing<g>.

Just saying…


The way I understand it is not all adrs have this charge. On some adrs they have a 10 dollars per guest charged to your credit card if you do not show up. Book for a party of 4 and not show up and 40 dollars will be put on your credit card. I guess this is their way to stop people from over booking or just not showing up. If you cancel I think 24 before your add there is no charge. That’s how I read it.


I have never been charged a fee for any Dining Reservation at WDW. That being said, I don’t make many—usually only 1 per visit if that—the rest we walk in to—but I’ve never been charged a fee ahead of time—even the day of.

I know that some restaurants say on the website that they can charge you a fee if you cancel within the 24 hour limit before your reservation–but that is by location. They definitely should be telling you about the fee when you make the reservation.

Have you read the information about each restaurant on the Disney website? :slight_smile:


They told me there would be a $10.00 charge if we did not show up for Jiko when I made the ressie last week. And the ressie was for 3 hours after I made it.


I think it’s for Signature Restaurants, maybe Character Meals idk, but definitely Signature’s or 2 credit locations.


There a charge only if you do not cancel in the specified time frame or fail to show up at all.

24 cancellation policy come with a $10 per person fee if you do no cancel or show. The places with this policy are all character meals and super popular places like Be Our guest and 'Ohaha.

48 cancellation policy is for Fantasmic dinner packages and some dinner show.

Cinderella’s Royal table is FULL price if you don’t follow their cancellation policies.

There are no charges at the time of booking. The credit card is a guarantee. CRt has to be paid for in full just like dinner shows unless you are on the Disney Plus or Deluxe dining plans.