Charging purchases to Room Key


I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile now. I’m planning on bringing a large amount of cash. I’m not a big fan of going to my wallet all day and night, so i’d like to pay with the room key and then just pay the bill off when we check out. I’ve never done this before so i’m guessing they’ll ask for a credit card to set it up at check-in. Will they allow you to just pay with CASH or are they going to slam my credit card when we leave? Can i ask in advance for them not to charge my card?

Also, does this work anywhere on Disney property? Are there any limitations to paying with a room key anywhere?

The room key is much easier for me because i can lock up my wallet in the room safe and just travel with my ID and key.

Any tips, ideas, suggestions, warnings, etc would be greatly appreciated!


i think they are just going to charge your credit card when you leave…
but…we only sometimes charge stuff to the room. What you COULD do is either go to a Disney store and trade your cash in for Disney Dollars…OR…they sell WDW Gift cards on property now in every merchandise store. You could go and buy on with all your cash on your first night there and use it on your entire trip. I am pretty positive they are taken almost everywhere on property as well.


We have done that for a couple years now. You just set the charge on your room with a credit card. They will give you a limit and when you are close to going over it you can raise it. They can all link it to all of your room keys.


You have to leave an imprint of your credit card at check in, but you can pay cash at check out time (you just can not do express check out then). Depending on the type of resort you are staying at (economy, moderate, deluxe) will set the maximum you can charge per day on your room key. Sorry, but can not tell you what the limits are, but they are fairly generous. Hope this helps.


hmmm…i wonder if a WDW gift card would be a good idea for us?! I usually use my debit card/cash. thanks for the thought - something for me to think about.


Its a great amenity just be careful spending because things add up quick. Of course Disney loves it but you don’t want to check out going :eek: at the bill. I also love the fact that after you purchase soemthing you don’t have to haul it around or have it packed in a stroller; they’ll deliver it to your room.


but, they’ll deliver it to your room even if you don’t charge it to your room, right?


Hmmmmm I’m not sure about that question. I thought the charge had to be made on your room card.


oh, bummer! well, if thats the case, i’ll make sure i give them the debit card number just for the things we want delivered. thanks!


Yes, they will deliver to the resort whether you pay cash, credit card or room key. They do not deliver to the rooms any more (about 2 years now) they will deliver it to the gift shop of the resort you are staying at, and you can pick up your packages there.


they will let you pay cash at check out or when you reach your limit even though they take your CC info. to issue the roomkey charging option. that way they are covered if you end up not having enough cash to cover your charges. but be sure to check before you exceed your limit or they will automatically run your card.


awesome info - thanks so much!!!:wub: :wub:

wait - that’s sneaky:ph34r: - making me go the gift shop again! hmm…they really know my weaknesses, and gift shops are one of them!!:blush: :laugh:


Sharon uses that as an excuse every time also:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Then she comes back with another T-shirt or some other trinket. That is why our last couple of trips, I go to get the packages.


shhh - don’t give DH that idea!! although, when its a big heavy package…hmmmm…


Thanks for all of the tips, comments and suggestions everyone.

I don’t think i’ll ever run up a huge tab, but even if i spend $500 on stuff with the room key, it will be a lot more convenient than having to carry my wallet around with me everywhere.


Yes, they will.:closedeye


The best way is to put it on your room key. I use my Disney Visa and start over adding up my “Rewards” for the next vacation at WDW!


The best way is to put it on your room key. I use my Disney Visa and start over adding up my “Rewards” for the next vacation at WDW!

That’s not a bad idea. I think I’ll look into signing up for one.


What we usually do is leave the CC imprint and charge everything back to the room the whole trip. Then, the day before we are due to check out, I go and pay the bill in cash. That way, the next day, the room charges are all paid up and we can still do express check out. Of course, if you leave your CC imprint, you can still charge on the room key the day you depart and they automatically charge it to the card at that point.

Personally, I think the “Keys to the Kingdom” are one of the most convenient vacation tools I’ve ever used.


Why don’t you leave your large amount of cash at home and use it to pay off the cc when you get home? We take enough cash to pay for tips etc. and charge everything else. We just pay the cc bill when we get it.