Charging to room key


If we set it up to where we can charge everything on our room key can we pay the balance each night using our Disney Reward Card or Disney Dollars? Between the reward dollars and Disney dollars we should have plenty to cover everything and don’t want to use our credit card.


I think that may be a question for the professionals! I can assume that since it’s been 8 + hours since you asked, that you’ve posed a stumper here! I’d call reservations and ask to be sure.


This was going to be my answer…but definitely call guest relations and check.

I’m pretty sure you can put cash down up front and have that set as a limit on your room key. I’d guess it would work the same with Disney Dollars. As for the reward card - I’m not sure.

You could always use your credit card to secure the payment but when you check out just pay with your other forms of currency instead of your CC. Let us know what you find out!


They’ll charge your CC, unless you pay upfront, I’m almost POSITIVE of that.

But, definitely call and ask!


You do have the option to pay cash at the end of the day or even at the end of your trip. I left a charge card on the room while staying at the AKL. and paid for the balance in cash the day before I checked out. They won’t charge your card unless you leave or unless that is your preference and still then I think it’s not until check out.


On our last trip in 2003, I would go to the desk about every third day and just clear up my balance with travelers checks. Its so nice not to have to carry alot of cash with you into the parks!


I don’t mind putting the credit card down and I understand I can pay with cash each night. I was just wondering if we can use Disney dollars and our reward card each night to pay it off. I have a lot of reward dollars to use on shopping this trip since we won’t be using them on meals now!


From what I understand about the Rewards Card it can be used anywhere at the parks or resorts, so my GUESS is that, yes, you could use it to pay at the resort desk. It still wouldn’t hurt to make a call to guest services to find out for sure.

Disney Dollars are supposed to be as good as cash down there so there shouldn’t be a problem with those.


You can pay any way you want up to the night before you check out. There really isn’t a need to do it every night unless you reach the max for what you can charge. I’ve gone down the night before we checked out a couple of times and paid either cash of used my rewards cards to clear some of our balance. Yesterday morning I tried to pay off our room charge with some remaining cash but it had already been posted to our credit card. Any time up to the night before will be fine.