Chase Disney Visa


Hey…did you guys know that as of September of this year, there will be TWO NEW Visa card designs to choose from?? I can’t find pics of them ANYWHERE online, but I did get it included on my latest Disney Store flyer!!

One is ARIEL and one is TINKERBELL!!!

They are SOOOOOOO NICE! I currently have The Happiest Celebration card, but might have to change it for one of these. The Ariel card is especially nice! :happy:

Keep on the lookout for more info on this from Chase.


oh no Kim-not Tinkerbell! I have got to have one…shhh don’t tell GDH LOL!


Ohhh, that sounds tempting. I have Mickey and friends right now buy I could see me with either of those depending on the picture.


I have to HCOE card myself. I wanna hold onto it, because soon the Celebration will be over, but I’ll still have the card. Now I just have to start using the thing less :pinch:


I am going to try for one of these cards since my bank is now Chase, I would really like the HCOE card if I can still get it.


I too have Mickey and friends, but I may have to request a Tinkerbell. That was a great tip, thanks Kim!


DW has the HCOE card and I will probably get one myself with one of the other designs just to help rack up points