ChastMastr's and QuakerCub's micro mini trip report


As readers of the crisis thread know, my bio. father passed away a few weeks ago as we raced down to Naples to deal with that and with my mother. When it was time to go back, we’d had such a horrible trip on Auto Train – shaken around badly – we decided to drive back to DC.

Which means going past Disney. :wub:

We needed a break…

(If we’d had any kind of decent internet access while in Naples, we’d have tried to set up a meeting or something but alas, it was not to be. :blush: I’d been reduced to furtively paying bills and sending out e-mail updates to a few people from the local library’s net kiosks.)

We tried for Pop Century but they had nothing. Same for any resorts other than the really expensive ones (Grand Floridian etc.). Happily the hotels near Downtown Disney had a room or two left (we literally got the LAST ONE in the Royal Palms) so we went for two nights, just staying there and basically going to DTD and the resorts to hang out, shop and eat. No parks, alas.

We set up ADRs for what we could find, and…

(to be continued)


ChastMastr, so sorry that it was a sad event that brought you to Disney, but I eagerly await your trip report. Here’s to healing.:heart:


David I’m so sorry. I hadn’t read that thread and didn’t know about your father. Please know that you are in my prayers, and are always in my thoughts.

Now about this TR, I’m really looking forward to it. When’s the next installment, it’s already been a minute since the last. :dry:


Sorry to hear about your dad…please accept my sincere condolences.

You guys should have given me a shout out! I could have found you internet access :mickey:

Our library access isn’t that bad is it…which one where you at? Central has free WiFi if you know where to sit (which I know doesn’t help you know).

And you better not have been at MK last Saturday (not only was I there but so was Wishy)!


Naples, but I don’t own a laptop so I was limited to the computers they had on hand…

We went to DownTown Disney and picked up a few things (the new calendar is out, only $10 and starts in September!!!). New Disney keychains! Chef Mickey apron for me! In World of Disney the cub tripped on part of a table stand and fell down but was more or less OK, and the CMs were very helpful – he’d been worn out by the trip and was doing too much walking for him. He got a wheelchair ride back to the car as he needed to stop walking for a while (usually we rent one when we’re there but this wasn’t possible at that hour; his knee still hurts but it’s getting better).

We went for dinner that night to Boatwright’s, which we’d never been to for dinner before (I had, back when it was Dixie Landings). It was very nice but not as good as it was years ago (there was more of a Whispering Canyon feel to it before – tableware and rustic cloth napkins served in a little tool tray, four kinds of fresh breadsticks served in a little metal pail, etc.) and we had too much to eat. :blush:

(to be continued)


:wub: Thank you and many hugs! I’ve added a link to the aforementioned thread – my mother is doing much better, thank goodness, though prayers are always good.



Good to see you back my friend. We have been thinking about you.


Glad to see this very welcome TR in light of recent events! :happy:


I’m so sorry to hear about your father. My thoughts are with you and your family…


David -
I am so sorry about your father. You and the cub definately needed a little disney distraction. Prayers and hugs to you both.:heart:


Glad you found a little fun in the midst of a sad time, Also, glad to see you back on MB.


Sorry to hear of your loss. :frown:

My Dad’s 80th birthday is on the 29th of September.

I don’t know how I would deal with his passing. :crying:

Hope the Disney trip made it a little better. :wub:


As an orphan myself, I can tell you that it’s not easy. (((HUGS)))


Sorry for your loss. Best wishes.


Thank you all. :wub: :blush: In many respects, I should mention, what sadness I have for him is more that despite my efforts we couldn’t develop much of a healthy relationship – I still grieve much more for the deceased foster-dad-figure who came into my life much later and who taught me more about life. But there are rough/sad moments all the same for my bio-dad – I’d gotten him into Terry Pratchett’s novels so we were able to connect a little that way, and I still find myself thinking in bookshops, “Oh, I’ll need to get that one for him for Christmas – oh, wait…” :sad: Little things. But not the level of grief one might expect. What was rougher was dealing with my mother, but as mentioned on the other thread, the uncle (her brother) and cousin have convinced her to accept help from caregivers and things are progressing more smoothly than I was able to accomplish. (And Cubby and I were able to do what we could. Even now we’re sort of playing “good cop/bad cop” as my mother seems to trust Cubby’s judgement more than mine! It’s a long story but my relationship with her, while better than it was years ago, is still pretty poor by conventional standards – I’ve had to try to be the mature person/grownup in dealing with both my bio-parents for a long, long time… and while in a more ideal situation I’d be more directly involved than my uncle, I’m just glad she’s listening to someone, even if it’s not me. I still don’t think she has very long, which is another reason to try to get moved down to Florida as fast as possible…)

Back to the TR! :happy: Breakfast the next day was at Boma, which we always love – Frunch has been replaced with “Jungle Juice,” a mixture (I believe) of orange, mango and another one. Potatoes with Afritude is now another, less complicated, potato dish. Beyond that it’s more or less the same. After breakfast we went into the lobby and hung out, I shopped (didn’t buy anything) in Zawadi, took some pics, tried to spot giraffes (no pun intended, and no luck either) through the windows on the upper floors, and picked up some zebra domes at the Mara (you can buy them even if you don’t go to Boma! And I asked for, and received, ones which were just zebra domes – usually you get zebra domes and chocolate mousse things together), we went back to the hotel to freshen up and eat the zebra domes (oh yes, yes yes, we love them!), and then went off to Downtown Disney…

(to be continued)


I’m so sorry for you. :crying:

But I can’t wait to hear the rest of your TR. :heart:


Forgot to mention we had a Wetzel’s Pretzel the previous afternoon (we wanted to hit all the beats). We got the cub a motorized wheelchair at Downtown Disney and then went exploring. Got a couple of surprise bags at the $10 and under shop (we love those. When we get home we have more Disney surprises to open). Picked up a couple of pins at the pin place. Looked sadly at the construction at Pleasure Island. Started starving to death. Had an appetizer and split a dessert (our standard modus operandi for expensive places – you can soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the food at a reasonable price that way) at Portobello Yacht Club for lunch, and it was lovely. :slight_smile: Shopped at Virgin. Hung around and shopped a little at the Lego Store. (You can make three little figures for $10 – I made two bikers and a cowboy. Someday, someday I will make the Lego Village People… :laugh:) And then went off to … Raglan Road for dinner, the saga of which shall follow… :eek:



heheheh, that will be a sight to see:ph34r:


So, we looked around a bit after eating at Portabello Yacht Club (I know it’s a sacrilage to say so, but I really prefer this place to Alfredo’s). We walked and scootered around to the West Side where we looked at Virgin Megastore. They have wonderful sales on cd’s and dvd’s. Once we were done looking around there it was time to head back to PI for our ressies at Raglan Road…

I want to say that it’s a wonderful place with great food and friendly servers. Unfortunately, I can’t. The servers were friendly once we straightened out exactly who our server was. That took about 20 minutes or so. We ordered finally. I don’t even remember what the appetizer was, but we were not fond of it. We shared the Sheperd’s Pie as an entree. I may in the distant past had worse Shepard’s Pie, but I don’t know where. We were sick to our stomachs all night as a result of the greasiness of the meat, it was that bad. I would say that if you want Shepard’s Pie, go to Rose and Crown at Epcot. Far better food. To be fair, when the music gets going and you’re going in for a few pints and to sing Irish songs (one of my favorite things to do, in fact), it’s probably a lot of fun, but dinner I think is overpriced and barely edible.

After dinner, which we purposely had earlier than usual, we headed over to the Adventurer’s Club to await it’s opening. This made the whole evening worthwhile. We’ve tried over and over again to get there in time to spend from opening to closing there and we finally succeeded! Our favorite Samantha Sterling (the very talanted blonde one) was there and the actors playing other roles were outstanding. I was surprised to see more kids than I’m used to seeing there this time. Needless to say, the folks cleaned up the earlier parts of the show and didn’t get too bawdy until after they’d left. All in all a lot of fun and an evening we badly needed. At closing we went back to the hotel, and went to bed, since we had a 8:10 character breakfast at Cape May Cafe scheduled. (to be continued)


I’m so sorry to read about your Father. It’s not an easy thing to go through, but I’m glad your Mother is doing better. A Disney mini trip is just the right therapy. Thank you for sharing your TR.