Chat with a CM at Disney Reservations


I was online for quite a while planning out a trip I would love to get my friend to do with me. I had the screen still up and was doing other things when a pop-up came on asking if I would like to chat live with a CM about my vacation needs.

I thought, why not? So I clicked and a window came up and we chatted and I asked some questions. I was interesting. The only thing that would have been better was some Disney music in the back ground. One thing that was strange was she was plugging using Disney for their flights in the end. I can’t ever see that would save me any money.

Anyone else ever get this pop up?


I’ve never gotten that but it sounds cool! I may have to log on and see what happens.


That sounds VERY cooL!


That’s cool!

I wonder if those CMs have any good smilies?


There were no smilies in my chat but that sure would add to the experience. I got a pop up for a survey after so it must be pretty new.


Hmm I have never had that happen,but I haven’t been on there to plan a trip in a long time either. I will have to go and play some I think. I want to talk to a CM too! I will maybe price the trip after next just for kicks…lol


Oh, I hope this never happens to me because I am a push-over and would buy anything the CM told me just because I didn’t want to disappoint them or make them feel like they are not good salespeople :pinch:


That’s pretty cool! It’s never happened to me, but I guess it’s being in the right place at the right time! :happy:


VERY cool!!! :cool: They must be trying it out, to see what kind of responses they get, hence the survey.


I have never heard of that, pretty cool!!


Sometimes travel companies buy huge blocks of cheap seats, and then they pass them on to their customers. Disney may have a ton of seats that they bought cheaper than you can get them! Worth a look anyway!


I have never had a pop-up so I will have to go play and see what happens however, I did book my airfare with Disney once. The price was real close to what I could have done on my own so I booked it thinking everything was all done and at one place.

The problem - when the airline would change flight times or flight numbers, etc., I was not notified. It was OK as two or three minutes either way was not a problem. It was when my flight was changed by three hours and no one told me that I had a big problem.

I will always keep my flight under my control but that is just me, someone else may have better luck with it.


I got the pop-up about a month or so ago, but didn’t use it. I was just doing a little research. The use of these pop-ups is not to uncommon on sites saleing things. It is kind of like outbound telemarketing, but the intended target actually may have an interest in whatever they are saleing.