Cheap Tickets


Okay, I’ve been scouring the internet. I know they are nearly impossible to find. But I am convinced they exist. I want to go to DL really really bad. I haven’t been in 9 years. My kids have never been. I just missed the SoCal residents sale (didn’t have the money then). I’m looking to go late Sep, early Oct. I really don’t want to spend $56/$66 a person (2 kids, 3 adults). I don’t need a park hopper, if it’ll make it cheaper. Anyone know where to get cheaper tickets than gate price:confused:

I don’t want to go to Knotts (only $30/person) or Six Flags. I want my kids to experience Disney!


I’m betting you’re going to have to pay DL prices for your children to experience it.


It’s just the only way.

It’s also why some of us only go to our favorite park every so often!


Wait until the late winter/spring promotion comes up after the first of the year and get the discounted tickets at that time. We have done this the last 2 years - 5 Day Parkhoppers for family of four were $616. :mickey:


With the economy in the tank, I am hoping DL has some fall promotion. My husband and 4 kids will be there in October.


Well I found out I can buy 3-day park hoppers from the grocery store for $99:happy:. An absolute great price, but the first use must be by Aug 30, and I just do not have the $500 to shell out right now for tickets, let alone parking and food in the park.

Anyone out there have unused portions of park hoppers that aren’t expired yet they wanna sell?