Cheaper/easier parking?


I’m trying to save a little money (and maybe parking trouble,) so I’ve got what is probably a silly question…Instead of paying to park my car at Magic Kingdom, can I instead pay to park at a resort (such as Polynesian) and take the monorail to the park??? While it probably wouldn’t be any faster in the moring going to the park, it might be easier to get out at night. I assume Disney prevents this, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.


As far as I know, you can’t “pay” to park at the resorts. If you have an Annual Pass or is you’re staying at one of the on-site resorts, you can park anywhere (within reason… there are some time limit restrictions on parking at resorts other than your own… but these are not consistently enforced) without additional charge.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. :mellow:


There is only one way to park at a resort, you have to have a PS for a resturaunt at that resort. Then you can do Valet parking, and all is good. It is just as easy to park at the theme park parking lot and leave that way.


You can also valet, which is free during the day. But this is meant for resort “shopping”, eating and etc. The Contemp. is very strick.

One time we parked at the Boardwalk, and strolled over for illuminations and then had a great evening at the boardwalk.


I think parking at MK is horrible. What I do is this: I go to the Poly and say I need to return some merchandise at one of the gift shops. I get the 3 hour parking pass and go right to valet parking. I borrow my mother’s handicapped parking pass if she doesn’t need it for the day and I get free valet parking. To me it is worth the 2 dollar tip not to have to deal with MK parking.


You borrow your mother’s handicapped parking pass?


I hope I don’t offend anyone by what I posted about the handicap pass,but I am honest when I say I do that. My mother doesn’t mind my doing that,and I think her opinion is the most important. My time on this thread is up,so farewell!!