Check in question for BLT!


We are staying at BLT for 3 days in Oct and I was just wondering when we go to check in do we have to check in at the Contemp or can we check in at BLT! Also since we are driving down is there parking for BLT or does it share the parking lot at the Contemp? Thanks for the help.


You will check in at the CR front desk. There is parking for BLT and plenty of it. We had a MK view so we had the parking lot below us, never once was the lot more than half full. The busiest time was evenings but once MK closed the lot cleared out a lot.


Also… a little tip…

When we stayed at BLT, we checked into the Contemporary, not knowing about the separate parking lot. We got baggage service. It turned out to be an inconvenience because they had to roll the luggage from the Contemporary (at the time, it was the convention center because the Contemporary front entrance was being refurbished). We could’ve just driven to the BLT parking lot and unloaded there. So if you don’t have a lot of bags, consider skipping the baggage service.


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The parking folks seem to be a little confused about what to do with you while you check in. Almost like nobody ever actually follows the signs to check in driving there own car - strange. :wacko:

Once they had me park off to the side, and another time I was by myself and just left the key in case they had to move it.

They SHOULD have an area designated for check-in parking. It’s not like Disney has never done this before.

Just park at BLT and walk past the bus stop into the lobby. Chances are you need the stretch anyway!


Thanks for the help. I wonder why you cant check in at BLT?


More staff and more money. I’m sure it’s a huge cost saving measure have CMs that are already working check BLT guests in.


At BLT there is only a little desk where a CM can check you in for the Rooftop Lounge. The lobby is pretty small, they didn’t build any sort of counter suitable for check-in. We checked in at the main Contemp. desk & it didn’t feel like an inconvenience to us, although we were Magical Express so parking lots weren’t a concern.


Thanks again for the help/information. Our first night we are going to be going back and forth between CR & BLT. Check in, then dinner at California Grill and then we are going to check out the roof top lounge and watch the MK fireworks. I think this is going to be an awesome way to start off our vacation. Im so excited, I can’t wait.


Sounds amazing!!!