Check in question



We’re sitting in a campground only 3 hours from Disney. We arrive tomorrow at FW. Should I take the time to go through online registration?


I would not if you are going to be there in the morning… Don’t worry about it!!! Have a great trip!!!


I wouldn’t bother with the online check in. We usually arrive in Orlando the night before and get up early to check in and they are still usually working on the packages. Don’t wait until normal check in time- 95% of the time we have arrived early (like 7:30am) in the morning our site was ready.

Have a great trip to my favorite place!!


We used it and it was a snap. Walked in and grabbed our stuff and scampered on out.

Yes - I can scamper.


I’d call this a dead thread.
They’ll be checked in by the time most people here even see it.

(And I never bother with on line check in)


Is that anything like a dead-head?


No. I know what a Dead Head is and this is nothing like a Dead Head.

On a related issue, seeing as Epcot has all those clone bands as their summer concert series, how about booking a Dead Clone, or for that matter, next fall, instead of booking the retread Mickey Thomas’ Starship (a poor substitute for either Jefferson Airplane or Jefferson Starship), fill their slot with the US’s top rated Dead clone.

(Who’s a Dead Head? I’m a Dead Head.)