Check in questions


Ok, Llama got me thinking and I’m a little unsure of what I am doing…

we haven’t stayed onsite since like 2007…so if we were to do online check in, what would I do? How early can I do it? Can I do it with DVC?

along those lines is there a specific area to request at WL Villas? or is it even possible to request/move?

We plan to get to MK for rope drop, then head back to VWL to check in, unload the van. Is this a good plan?

We’ll be in the area the day before & spending the night with family, so getting to MK early is no problem, and we’ll have our tickets, but they won’t be attached to our rooms yet (they can do that when we check in, right?).

I am planning to buy tickets from undercover tourist - they seemed cheapest and reputable. Good plan or bad?