Check in


I know room check ins arent until about 3pm. But I am getting to MCO at 935am. So I am assuming I will be at POP by 11am give or take. What are the chances our room will be ready? bc as much as I would love to go straight to a park…I have to work the day before we leave, go bridesmaid dress shopping when I get done at 5pm, come home and then leave for Atlantic City Airport at 330am since our flight lives at 630am. Stupid security!

I remember when I went in 03, we arrived at like 10am and the room was ready. I wonder…if I put in a request to have a room prepared by 11am, if it would have any effect on it. Ideas?! :blink:


I have never had a problem getting into my room early. You might want to do online check-in and put that you will be arriving at like 10am.


Yes, i fully intended on doing the online check in. Only 19 more days till i can lol


I’ve done online check in several times and it doesn’t seem to make a difference for me. But it cant’ hurt to try.


This past Feb was the only time that my room wasn’t ready early, but that may be because of the blizzard and people being stuck there and Disney had to move people around.


Our rooms are almost always ready early. When we went last December, we checked in at 7:00 a.m., and we were able to go to our room.


Oh thank God lol


I’ve had rooms ready at all different times. I’ve had my room ready as early as 7AM and as late as 3 PM. It is as probable as not that your room will be ready after noon. Whatever you do, you should check in as soon as you arrive. This way you’ll have your park tickets and meal credits in your hands, your luggage will be stored until your room is ready (if it isn’t already), and you’ll have your credit card tied to the keys as well. You should inform Disney that you plan an early arrival.


We’ve had good luck with early morning check in as well. We’ve arrived as early at 7:30 a.m., and our room was already ready!! I hope you have good luck with it too!

If not, lounge out by the pool for a couple of hours and rest - it sounds like you might need it!!

Have a great trip!


Well, I think what we will do if its not ready is check in, grab a bite, head to MK or Disney Quest. We are hitting MK that night for Wishes since I have only ever seen Hallo-wishes. So we can only go to that park since I opted to spend the extra $100 on the waterpark option, not the park hopper. After a few hours head back, sleep for a few and then head to MK again and hang till 10 or so. The next day is AK or BB. So, pretty relaxed day either way. lol. Im not a big AK fan, so I tend to take my time and not care if I get to everything. Except Dinosaur. LOVE THAT RIDE! lol


DISNEY QUEST??? disaster! huge waste of space!


Thats what I thought when I went the first time, but we walked in, up to the third floor and out. Didnt do a thing and was in and out in 10 minutes. That was also with an ex lol. He really wants to do it…it doesnt seem THAT bad, so Im hoping if we do it during the day, it wont be as crowded.


We used online checkin the last two tims we went and found that you have a better chance of having your room ready for you if you do the online checkin.


I’m going to fax a room request as well as online check in!!


I agree I did it 10 years ago and it was great - i recommended it to others but was there 2 years ago and it was old and boing and my favorite Jeep savenger floor game was gone (it part was the best)

Don’t waste your money unless it is pouring out


We have the worst luck in getting to our room early. I don’t think i have gotten into a room early since 2003. The problem for me is i am a photography nut and have a large backpack style camera bag to haul my equipment. Once at WDW i have a smaller walk a round bag i use that i bring for shooting “that day” It wold be nice to arrive early and be able to unload my bag. I could leave it with bell services but with the camera equipment and my laptop all in one bag i don’t think i would be comfortable leaving it for fear of a mishap. We checked in online yesterday so we are hoping it will make a difference.


You can fax them your room request?? Does this work?? We usually do the online check in but I have never faxed a room request.


I am going to use the one I had save for Coronado, but use it for Pop. It cant hurt right???:mellow:


I think some resorts quit taking faxed room requests a few years ago. I’ve read they got too many and had to stop. If you have a request you need to have it noted on your reservation.