Check out my dream job video!


It is on the main site- its not one of the better ones but its up there and that is cool in itself…

Watch Candidate Submission Videos - Disney CMO presented by - Live the Magic in 2008 - Disney CMO


How Cool!!! :happy: :cool:

Good Luck Woohoo, I hope you get it!!!:happy:


Ooooo I love your video! Good Luck!


Good Luck Woohoo!


Good Luck- Great photos!!


OMG your video is GREAT!! :happy: :happy: :happy: I am so excited for you!


That is great! I loved your video and watching the other ones, too. Good luck! :mickey: :mickey:


Good luck, sweetie! Fingers crossed for you!!!


I love the video…best of luck!!!


LOL cute…if you get the job, can you hire me please? I have a good work ethic…workaholic…live, breathe and eat my job…I would love for that job to be at WDW.


I want to drive those cars in the Parades like MGM! :happy:
oops HS!


Very cool!! Nicely done! And good luck!!!


Im really kind of bummed that they can all be seen already and before the deadline- that somehow seems unfair- But whatever, mine is what I did based on my own idea before knowing this so I somehow feel as if I did it fair and square


How cute is that? What a fun video. Good luck woohoo, hope you get it.


girl that is the cutest video ever!! i would hire you in a second, your video just screams disney magic…i loved the crocs in the snow!!! how stinkin’ cute!!! Good luck!


im really hoping to score at least a few points in each catagory which would get me a good score. But truth is that there are a few videos (at least 3 of them) that make me feel they are going to be chosen over me. Oh well- I tried and feel good about the fact that its up there and official! How fun!
Now we have to wait for Wishy and Dizzy to do theirs!!! I cant wait!


I have to agree with you on this one! It gives others an unfair advantage. They see what is on there and try to “out do” it. They should have waited until dead line, then posted.


I know- what can you do-
I know that for me I sent it in without cheating and that for me will let me sleep at night…who knows - perhaps there is some good Karma in that. Either way Im still going MOTHERS DAY! WooHoo!


You made a very cute video, it had a little of everything in it. Good luck!!


thanks- I just feel good knowing that I did it and it is there for everyone to see that I did. Only time will tell