Check out Southwest!


If you are traveling the first two weeks of December or anytime from Jan. 5-Feb. 10, you may need to check out Southwest today!!! They are a having a BIG sale!! You have until Thursday to book! IF we were traveling to Orlando during this time, it would cost us $50 each way!! I paid $60 each way when we went a few weeks ago!!! Great deals! Hope someone can take advantage!:laugh:


Wow, that is a fantastic deal. what’s the catch? I paid over $ 500.00 for each ticket from Podunk,Michigan to Orlando a few weeks ago :pinch:


There was no catch when we flew $60 each way!! There is no catch this time other than you can’t fly on Sunday. That’s it! We always fly Southwest!


I’ve found 129 each way from Hartford for mid-january with Wed. flights.


Wow Dopey, that’s alot. I bet you’re flying Northworst. We’re happy here in Milwaukee. Southwest starting flying in/out of here yesterday. That’s going to mean lower prices no matter who we fly with. Very good news for our small airport.


what was sad about this fare war …was other airlines jumping in with competitive rates …but are they …if you check luggage then they are not competitive…heard a great one ,I believe this is US AIRWAYS seems if you want to use your free ticket during certain times of the year they were charging a $250 surcharge per ticket ,makes you want to fly this airline huh …