Check out this interactive Disney site!


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For any of you who do not receive Disney Insider emails, this just came today and you should check it out! It is a totally fun interactive site that is set up like a road trip!

It’s a great way to get rid of Post-Disney Depression, because you can visit Disneyland and Walt Disney World and feel a tiny, itsy bit like you are there!


Click on this link:
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I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but glad to hear its neat. :slight_smile:


hehe, that was fun. Thank you


Got it and accidently deleted it when cleaning my inbox…lol Thanks for posting the link.


brilliant site. Thanks so much for sharing! I am going to take even longer now to get around to the ironing and chores! :laugh:


Thanks for the link Miss D, very cute, thanks for sharing.


DD did it yesterday and enjoyed it!


This is so much fun!!! I have been to WDW and DL thismorning!


Enjoyed it myself along with my 5 year old. You have to hand it to Disney, they sure know how to mine for data without making you feel like you are giving them a bunch of info.


very fun! thanks for sharing!


I tried it yesterday, what fun! I will do it again with DS this weekend whwen we have more time. Thanks for the site.


I just did this again - love to watch the Christmas one as we will be there this year.


thanks!!! that is an awesome website!!!


Thank’s that was so neat. I get the insider but I must not have seen this.


That was a nice Disney escape, now back to reality!
Thanks for the site.